What’s been happening…

The training

The training

I joined Dare To TRI .. so what now?

Well, so far it has been interesting. Juggling work and training has been “fun” to say the least, coupled with trying to eat right when on work assignments.

Since joining the programme, my training hasn’t been what it should be, but I’ve tried. I will not sit around waiting for the right time or for a miracle to happen that will balance it all out .. cos it ain’t happening!

In my first day of group coaching, I found out that there is a difference between a sprint swimmer .. that’s how I’ve always been swimming and a long distance swimmer .. which is where I am going. BOOM! Coach Derick opened my eyes and since then putting into practice what he has shared I already see a huge difference in my times and my endurance levels have increased.

Swimming is under control! Sadly, it is also the first of the three disciplines in a triathlon. Being able to swim fast won’t get you to the finish line. I fear the letters DNF next to my name. I detest those three letters with so much passion. My challenge is in the middle discipline .. cycling. It isn’t that I can’t ride a bike .. because I can. It’s that I don’t .. didn’t feel comfortable for one and I wasn’t seeing me lasting too long on the road. I’m thrilled that slowly this is changing over the last few weeks. Today I cycled the farthest I’ve every cycled in my life, 56km in 2h30, with just a hint of cramping. I’m getting there and it makes me happy beyond words.

What I’ve learnt from running is that your legs forget very quickly. So, I need to make sure that I go out for regular runs like the programme demands to make sure that I don’t lose my running fitness.

Now that I’m more confident in all these disciplines on their own, I need to begin balancing it in a way that I can combine them and feel amazing. I always hear seasoned triathletes saying to newbies to remember to smile when you cross the finishers arch.. I plan to smile, jump for joy or something close to that as I run up that red carpet and stand under that arch displaying my name and time above my head!

I’m not where I should be .. and there are about 12 weeks left before the race and 14 weeks before I ride my first 94.7 Cycle Challenge. I am though, a lot closer to where I should be and feel more confident about both these bucket list items!

So, since winning my entry I have sensed that my confidence levels have gone through the roof. I want to do my best come November 1. Through my family’s support and the Dare To TRI programme I am sure it will be amazing!

Now I just need to keep up and improve!