The end of an active long weekend

IMG_5635Now that is what I call a VERY active weekend!

It has begun to warm up out here and certainly a little lighter by 8 in the morning. Hesitant at first about going out on the road .. read as lazy .. eventually we got my bike ready and headed out to the Cradle for a long ride. I needed to do the same distance the rest of the Dare To TRI team that braved the early morning ride were doing. Nothing less than 50km would be acceptable!


The route we took was loaded with hills. It felt like we were climbing the whole time.

For me it was important to make sure that I kept up and road those hills. My leg cramps need to end and the only way around it is if I get more road mileage. The route took us past the venue where I first attempted cycling on the road a few years back, and that I cycled the same hill I struggled through then, with more vigour and enthusiasm, felt great!

We eventually ended the ride, 2 hours and 45 minutes later. I’d achieved my goal of nothing less than 50km, setting a new personal best of 56km!


My Saturday training wasn’t over! No way! Early afternoon I was in my car heading off to my group swimming session with our Dare To TRI Coach Derick!

Although swimming is a favourite discipline of mine, the session was proving to be tough! I’d travelled to Botswana in the week, so did not have time to do my usual weekly training sessions. It is tough balancing work with training, but I’m persevering, and will NOT give up!

I worked the pool. Length after length. I began to feel my legs cramping and knew why. The early morning cycling was catching up. The legs aren’t used to so much torture. Took a few breaks, stretching my legs and making sure I remained hydrated. We were meant to do only 1.5km swim as part of the training, but I pushed through the cramps and managed to reach my 2km goal, my personal minimum when in the pool. I was done! Saturday training was done!


Sunday morning a new day and much to be discovered and promises to be kept. Off we headed as a family to the local bike park. It is closer than the one we normally frequent, but for some odd reason we had not ventured to yet… well until Sunday morning that is.

Our young man was so excited, he could hardly contain it. Once all the formalities were over, he was ruling the Kiddies cycling route and he owned it! Enjoying all the ups and downs on the route and even creating his own “technical” areas along the route when he felt he needed a bit more of a challenge. DadD was out exploring the adult route, but was back with us before too long.

The cramps from the previous day’s swimming was bugging me. I decided that once my boys were both home and settled I was going to go for another short swimming session. Warmed up and 1km later I had a really great time in the water. No cramps, just proved to myself that I need to have more regular swim routine when home and not traveling.


This morning, a public holiday, we headed off to the Old Ed’s race. I was running the 10km and hubby and son were doing the 5km Fun Run.

First 3kms were easy for me, I was on a mission to run the fast down the hills. You know that saying ..”what goes down must come up..” well yep. After those first kms the rest of the route we were climbing, and we climbed. I am extremely happy with myself that I actually ran those hills. I was so determined not to walk, that when I saw some one walking, I had to mentally tell myself that it wasn’t an option. A personal mental block I had to breakthrough. Eventually finished the race in a time I’m quite content with, and I was apparently first from my club to come in for the 10km run 🙂

The Modern Athlete Magazine has started a #RunClean campaign. No nothing to do with drugs in this case, but more to do with not littering when you run a race. I know that I’ve always tried to bin the water sachets in the bins provided at the watering points, alternatively, I’ve waited for the next bin along the running route, same thought when I’m cycling. Today, I decided I was going to run with my water bottle to see how it felt. I enjoyed it and found that it can be done, it also allows you to run past other runners stopping for a drink 🙂 BONUS! If those running trails have to cater for their own hydration .. why shouldn’t the roadies? At the very least be a little more considerate of the environment and those that have to clean up after you. So, next time you’re doing a road or trail race, just think before you throw! #RunClean


After a refreshing shower, and delicious lunch, I had to celebrate my weekend training achievements with a glass of Chilean wine.

Tasted fantastic!

Roughly 11 weeks to go before the first event I’m training for, the 5150 African Champs in Germiston, followed a few weeks later by the 94.7 Cycle Challenge! Both firsts and I’d like to do well.

Back to the training schedule tomorrow, and my second cycle race this coming weekend!