The training week so far…

Sourced : online

Sourced : online

I don’t recall training so hard in a long time. Not even when I was focused on completing the Two Oceans Half Marathon earlier this year. OK! Maybe I did, but it was one discipline that I was focusing on .. now it is 3!

To be honest I’m loving it. 

Coach shares his weekly training schedule with us and trusts that we’re actually keeping as close as possible to it. There are days when I decide to train after work, that the thought of hitting the gym for a cycle, run, or even a swim just doesn’t sound as appealing as spending time on the sofa! Let’s be honest, who wants to torture yourself ..when you can relax?

Indoor Training

Indoor Training

Last night was one of those evenings. I’d had a long day at the office, catching up with all the workload that came in while I was out the office last week.

I wasn’t feeling like exercising at all, but I managed to coax my car to the local gym. Typical Tuesday at the gym, parking lot was full and so was the inside of the gym .. but today.. Wednesday .. most of the gym peep’s weekend begins it seems, as there will be plenty of parking and no queues for equipment.

Last night I booked myself a bike for the last spinning session, 45 minutes of high tension and sweat. If the music had been better I may have stayed for the full 90 minutes. I love Kurt, but when I’m focused and on a mission to train, Kaptein span die seile isn’t setting my course in the right direction! This was followed by a fastish “hill” 20 minute run on the treadmill before I called it a night.

I honestly felt good after that session.

Morning Swims

Morning Swims

Home to a wonderful protein meal of scrambled eggs and tuna .. thank you hubs .. was delicious and hit the spot just right.

You know what happens next right ..?

Onto social media to update all the platforms that really NEED to be updated, because all hell will break loose if you don’t 🙂 OK! it won’t, but that whole thing about if it isn’t on Strava or any of the other platforms it didn’t happen… well I’m a firm believer 🙂

I also use it to see how other people I strive to be as close to their level of fitness or training are performing. Yes, I use it to motivate me too. See not all bad!

This morning was cold .. whatever happened to the weekend weather…! I heard hubs alarm go off and I knew I’d get a “love you need to get up” voiced in my direction. It didn’t fail. I heard it! I was full of excuses as to why I should stay in bed under the warm duvet and not adorn a skimpy piece of material and waltz around the local gym pool.

It was 5h23, see pic above as proof, I was starting my first 25m length. Twenty-eight minutes later I’d completed the required 1500m / 1.5km as per my training schedule. I wasn’t done. I felt I could do more, so I pushed for another 1000m /1km. At this point I was thinking I’ve come this far .. just a little more and you home. I hit the 3000m /3km mark under an hour. YES! It was a great session. No cramps! Clearly pointing to the fact that more regular exercise in the different disciplines is needed to really get rid of them. Well they must just be a bad memory by 31st October! No negotiations!

For the rest of the week, we have some core exercises, running, another swim session and end the week with the Lost City Classic!

It is feeling great!


“Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible, and suddenly you’re doing the impossible” – Saint Francis of Assisi



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