I think my costumes hate me….!

Where's my costume!

Where’s my costume!

Honestly now, where exactly do my costumes run off to?

I bought a costume last December, suddenly about two weeks back its disappeared! On Saturday I went off to the local Sportsman Warehouse and invested in another costume, one I may add I really liked and they don’t come cheap! #justsaying

This morning after my 3.5km swim I’m rummaging through my gym bag and I can’t for the life of me find the costume! Really! This isn’t funny anymore! Not that it was ever funny.

Thinking back I think I was distracted by the dude who stopped me as I was drying off. At first I was surprised to be stopped mid drying and asked if I was part of the #DaretoTri group as he thought he had seen me online. YES YES YES!!! That’s me 🙂 I think I may have confirmed it a little too loud from excitement, because at the that very moment I was filled with so much pride that someone had recognised me as part of the club. He asked me a few questions about the club and our training setup. I do hope I managed to be a good ambassador 🙂 but I digress …

As I was getting ready to leave, I walked off and forgot to pick the damn costume hanging on the shower railing. Yes, I have obviously become of one those men that leave their “personals” in the shower area and go home! *hidesfaceinshame* In the past I’ve always been the one wondering how on earth you can forget your stuff in the shower or change area and just go home, well clearly it is quite easy to do so!

In shame I’m off to Sportsman Warehouse for another investment!!!!

I woke up at freaking 4h30am again today! The sun wasn’t even awake yet! Man, I must really want this badly! I was at the gym just before 5am when the reception opens and begins letting us all in. Into the change rooms and within 5 min I was stretching in the pool area. I had the pool to myself for the first 1500m.

New PB

New PB

I had a goal today, I wanted to pass last week’s distance. Concentrating on my swim style making sure I was implementing the tips from our last swim workshop, I swam my way to 2km.

For some reason the first few laps always feel like I’m struggling .. at least mentally it does. As I progress, guess as my arms warm up things seem to ease. Still haven’t quite figured it out.

I used to think that swimming alone in the pool was awesome, but as I get closer to the #5150AfricanChamps I actually appreciate having others in the pool as well. The waves they create as they swim along side me or past me for creates a “live” experience of what the day will be like with all those other bodies around me, gunning to complete 1.5 km before everyone else.

Today I reached a new personal distance of 3.5km! YAY!!! Felt a tad nauseous as I got myself out the pool, which lasted for about 15 minutes before the body felt normal again.

Did I push myself too hard this morning or was it the new #NUUN flavour? I’m not quite sure, so will definitely have to redo and see. New target is 4km. #justsaying

I’m hoping traffic will be easy tonight after work, so that I can get home early and go for a run. No rest for now, we have a goal!

Sourced: online

Sourced: online

Small steps we will eventually get to the goal!


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