I feel the tempo just increased …!

I think my training tempo increased last week. It’s still not quite where I believe it should be, but the confidence is certainly on the increase.

Last week I increased the furthest distance I’d swam by a whole kilometre, and I felt mostly great post swim, just a tad feeling of nausea.

Off the pool I had two intense spinning sessions as well. Tuesday I attended a 60 min session, and on Saturday a 90 min session.

Both spinning sessions were followed by 20 min sessions on the treadmill. Started off both sessions with a gradient of 1 and gradually increased it to 5 for the last 10 min of the treadmill session.

I have also begun keeping or increasing my pace as the gradient increases, hoping I’m simulating “hill” training. I’m finding it a challenge to actually manage week road running, so this is the best for now.

Over the weekends I’m either running a 10km road race or cycling, as these are the only opportunities I get.

I believe it’s all paying off. I find that I’m getting fitter, and reaching a balance of fitness in all three disciplines, running, cycling and swimming. Now that it’s getting lighter earlier, I may transition to road running in the morning.

Last weekend I managed to finally break through what seemed to me for a long time the elusive 60 min for 10 kms. It didn’t matter whether the route was tough or not, my time for the distance was always between 60 and 65 min. Last weekend I broke through when I ran the race in 58:39 minutes!

Yesterday, from the very first kilometre I caught up to a mate, Amy, and informed her that I was going to attempt to keep up to her as she runs 10 kms in under 60 minutes.

For the first 3km I was chatty, by the 4th km I’d become mute in my efforts to keep up to her pace. We got our water requirements as we ran past the first water point. A little further on, Amy mentions that we will rest at the next watering point. In my head I’m like “YAY!”, so that was my focus for 3 odd kms. At the second watering point I kinda slowed down completely, and had a tea party 🙂 basically walking from getting my water .. over to the coke table then drink it like I had the whole day .. it was Sunday after all 🙂 When Amy turned around to see where I was, I saw from her stare that when she said we would slow down .. she meant .. SLOW DOWN .. not STOP and have a party!

That look had me increasing my pace so fast .. I’m sure other’s thought I’d seen a snake or something! Once settled into our running pace again, she tells me we needed to keep a 6 min/km pace if we wanted a sub 60! Oh man! Where was I suppose to find that within me? I wasn’t tired .. but at that point I wasn’t seeing how that pace was going to be achieved either. The whole route we’re just climbing. The race organisers were just not forgiving.

With another 2km to go to the finish, I found I had slowed down .. almost to a stop .. I was walking .. and slowly I saw Amy disappear into the distant crowd. At the 9km mark I found some renewed energy and traced her, by then she was almost at the finish and so was I. We managed sub60s! Now waiting for the official results so that I can see how far apart our times were.

Amy, thank you for being such a sport, and allowing me to run with you which got me an even better time than I did the previous weekend. Next time I’m going to be working towards staying with you all the way to the end!

Happy Running!



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