So this happened today …

The entries for COMRADES MARATHON 2016 opened this morning! It will be a down run next year and takes place on Sunday 29th May 2016!!

What’s even more insane is that I .. ME .. I have ENTERED! AAAAAAAGH!

What have I done!?

Ok I’ve kinda calmed down .. the challenge has been accepted! If you’re a first timer too .. these three letters DNF .. will horrify you! Busy reading this document written by two siblings Sandra Groening (blogger at and Stanley-Carl du Pont on how one could stay away from those letters as a starting point – side note: this is their own opinion and based on their experience.

Before all that though, this also happened today … read more online via the Modern Athlete Magazine.

Novices part of the DaretoTri - Modern Athlete Team - Ekurhuleni

Novices part of the DaretoTri – Modern Athlete Team – Ekurhuleni

Feeling a little overwhelmed by it all at the moment, but at the same time I am SUPER excited about this journey I’m on now.

So that you don’t stress, and think I’m taking on too much .. sometimes I ask that same question myself.

Right now my focus is finishing the 5i50 Triathlon taking place in Ekurhuleni, Germiston, thanks to Modern Athlete and DaretoTRI with coach Derick I am sure I will complete it! Then there’s the small matter of a second triathlon, 11Global Series taking place the weekend after that.. more on this one later. While focusing on the 5i50 Triathlon, I’m also training for my first 94.7 Cycle Challenge taking place the third weekend of November! It won’t just be another first for me, I will also be riding for a cause, the Ryan Walker Foundation! Is it me or is November 2015 looking actively full?

Once all those are done, focus will shift back to running, as was the focus last year around the same time, when the goal was to run my first 21km/Half Marathon. This time round it isn’t just about doubling the distance and running a Full Marathon, I will also be running the ultimate Ultra Marathon .. THE Comrades!

I won’t lie, I’m super excited and nervous. I know I can complete this journey if I stay focused. My hubs, I have NO doubt will be making sure I put in the time and pay my dues to survive these endurance races. I have 3 21km Half Marathons that I completed because of him. For this new challenge, I also have seasoned Comrade athletes supporting me on this journey.

THANK YOU guys … I am so looking forward to this new trip!