Can one over exercise?

Gym Sunrise 02.09

Gym Sunrise 02.09

This morning I went for my first swimming session at the local gym for the week. At 5am, I was at the gym door waiting to get in and make my way to the pool.

Last week I posted an entry about how I felt that the tempo had increased, you can read it here if you missed it. I swam my first continuous 3.5km and on completing it I felt a little nauseous. At the time I thought it was because I may have pushed myself a little too hard, and left it at that.

Over the weekend and into Monday this week, I experienced headaches that I couldn’t quite explain. Again, I just brushed it off as me having an off day.

Swim Session 02.09 1.5km

Swim Session 02.09 1.5km

This morning, once more after I’d finished my swim session of 1.5km, again I felt nauseous but this time I also felt a little dizzy. This time round I wasn’t ready to brush it off as nothing like I did last week, and earlier this week with the light headaches.

Yep, I did what we’ve all done, don’t bother denying it! I went and G-oo-gle searched how I was feeling, just so I get some direction as to the possible cause. I’m grateful, I didn’t get cancer as a possible diagnoses it normally responds.

Both Wiki and had very similar suggestions to what could be happening to me, so am cautiously proceeding with their recommendations. I am in no way suggesting you follow suit.

I could be exercising beyond my endurance capacity, or my diet is wrong or it could be dehydration – I drink loads of water so this wasn’t it – or over-hydration .. hmmm … maybe. Another possibility cited was undigested food in my gastrointestinal tract, but I don’t eat heavy meals at night nor do I eat too late. A study done back in April 2001 by the Department of Human Nutrition at Nagoya University, Japan found that nausea scored highest for those that exercised on an empty stomach or immediately after eating, and even higher for those participating in high-intensity exercise.

Hydration and Exercise?

What I found on this didn’t quite capture how I felt. I know I don’t over or under consume water, especially because of the cramps I get at times, this area is constantly being monitored by me.

Hypoglycemia and Exercise?

Also known as low blood sugar, can lead to symptoms of nausea, dizziness, headaches .. all these I have felt since last week Wednesday. According to the write-up on Livestrong, our body uses the sugar to power our muscles during exercise. As I’ve mentioned already, the tempo has increased for my training and this can lead to the body using the glucose reserves that have made me feel nauseous, post exercise. Additionally, hypoglycemia can lead to blurred vision and feeling of fatigue, again how I have felt.

Simple Carbohydrates or Simple Sugars and protein aid in regulating blood sugar levels fast. Simple sugars can be found in fruit, vegetables and milk, they also raise your blood glucose levels quickly.

How I plan to beat this and stop it from continuing to occur
  1. Eat a small snack about 30 minutes before I exercise (this nausea feeling only happens during my early morning workouts)
  2. Make sure that I cool down after my workout sessions, as the heart continues to pump to your working extremities when you suddenly stop working out, leaving less for your brain. Gradual stop of your exercise tempo will regulate the heart rate and redirect the blood flow more evenly through your body allowing you to feel better post workout.


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      I agree, my current training is WAY above what it was a year back, and like you mention, I’m pushing my limits. Tomorrow I have a morning mini-tri scheduled, will have something 60-30 minutes before it and see how it goes. Thank you for your comment 🙂


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