Feature Friday – Derick Marcisz

Coach Derick - Dare to TRI

Coach Derick – Triathlete

For the next few weeks the plan is to feature individuals or clubs that have inspired me along my journey so far. I’ve chosen them because I admire their tenacity, their belief that if one works hard enough, there’s nothing that’s impossible. In turn I hope that YOU too will be inspired by at least one .. if not all of them. They are from different backgrounds, but their uniqueness unites them as they have one thing in common .. to never give up!

“Consistent sensible training is the key to any endurance event…”

Derick Marcisz @coachderickdtt

The MODERN ATHLETE Dare to TRI COACH, at 60 years old, he has been an athlete for over 40 years as a runner, cyclist and triathlete, and currently a very active competitor. Derick is a qualified TSA triathlon coach who currently coaches the Jeppe Quondam athletic/triathlon sections, having been involved in coaching athletes for more than 20 years.

Derick has a marathon personal best of 2h17m17s, a 6th place finish(3h19m) at the Two Oceans Ultra 56k Marathon and a top 20 finish in the Argus Cycle race(2h45m). He has been involved in Triathlon since 2000 and competed in more than 100 triathlon and duathlons at all distances from sprint to Ironman. Derick has represented the South African Age Group Team at 5 World Triathlon and Duathlon Championships and has completed 10 Half Ironman races(70.3) events with a best time of 4h59m and is the current 5150 Bela Bela, Germiston and Central Gauteng Champion in his age group.

Be inspired ….

EKL is me 🙂

DM is the coach at Dare to TRI

EKL – What was your initial motivation behind starting the academy?

DM I was writing for Modern Athlete and we identified the need for novice based triathlon training programs. Many coaches and groups catered mainly for the more experienced triathlete.

 EKL – How long has Dare to TRI (DTT) been around for?

DM – We started it in 2011 with an initial project of 10 selected athletes and then in 2012 we opened the program up to anybody that wanted to join.

EKL  – What sets DTT apart from the other Triathlon Clubs?

DMDTT is not really a club but a training group and the dynamic changes each year with new members joining. We also offer a very affordable training program that includes weekly group training.

EKL – What would you regard as a successful season for DTT?

DMDTT caters for novices and this is where the growth of the sport has come in the last 3 years. The program is manageable and fits in with today’s lifestyle that includes family, social and work commitments, yet we get the athletes to the finish. Novices are looked after at group training and never get left behind.


EKL – Do you believe that anyone has the ability to become a competent triathlete? 

DMMost definitely – it simply requires consistent planned training over a period of time.


EKL – What is more important training, nutrition or talent?

DMTraining is the most important part, obviously nutrition is important and talent will of course take an athlete to a higher level. Consistent sensible training is the key to any endurance event.


EKL – What would you recommend a novice triathlete invest in first, as a coach?

DM Triathlon is an expensive sport especially when starting out. A reasonably good bike is what is needed bearing in mind that 50% of your race time is usually on the bike.


EKL – Which triathlon have you enjoyed the most?

DMI try to enjoy each triathlon that I compete in and over my 15 years of doing triathlon there are many races that I have loved doing. I particularly enjoy the 5150 races as the distance suits me. One of my highlights was competing in the Budapest Ironman 70.3 last year(2014) and finishing 2nd in my age group.


EKL – As a sport do you believe that triathlon is growing in popularity in South Africa?

DM – Triathlon is definitely growing in South Africa and in particular the Ironman 70.3 distances which are achievable by novices. Most 70.3 and 5150 races today have at least 40% of the entrants as novices. This is fantastic for our sport.


EKL – Can anyone become a DTT member, and if so who could they contact?

DM – DTT is open to anybody that wants a structured program to train to and to train with like-minded people. I am contactable via email derick.marcisz@stemcor.com


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