Blissful Turmoil … that was the weekend!

Jozi Weekend

Jozi Weekend

This past weekend was wicked! Jozi experienced a post winter freezing weekend. Listening to most folk around me, it is quite normal to experience one more cold front in spring out here in Jozi. I’ve lived here for a while now, but can’t vouch for that. So, am taking their word.

Friday evening rained throughout the day and night, well into Saturday morning. All plans for an early morning ride or run were thrown out the window.

The next best thing was obviously indoor training. Off we went to the local gym for a spinning session and some treadmill time. This was clearly everyone else’s idea too. When we got to the gym, the spinning class was full. Unusual, normally only half the bikes are taken .. add to the weather that 94.7 Cycle Challenge isn’t far off .. it is very clear some peeps are now playing catchup having taken off during the cold winter months.

I finally managed to get a bike outside the studio and had my own spinning session, and some treadmill time. Remember I have a goal, and I can’t let the frustrations caused by the weather stop me from training.

Group Swim Training

Group Swim Training

Later on Saturday afternoon, I went for my DaretoTRI swim session with the team. Great to see we had taken over the pool. While coach Derick walked up and down providing support when needed. I ended up swimming 2km before calling it a day.

Sunday, I’d entered the Wilro Lion’s Cycle Challenge. Waking up early we made out way to Tarlton Racecourse out in the west of Jozi.

Man was it a cold morning!

When we eventually started the ride, it took a while to warm up I tell you. Three kilometres later, I’d lost a water bottle and had a flat back tyre!

Support changing back tyre

Support changing back tyre

I was finally back on the bike after the tyre was sorted and playing catch up. What an awesome feeling when I passed the first person, and then another .. the excitement was short-lived.

At the 10km mark just 7kms after the last puncture .. yep! I had another, again the back tyre! What luck!

No more tubes and worried I’d damage the wheel frame, and very frustrated we called it a day. Packed the bikes, sat in the car feeling very gutted!

Overall experience of the race wasn’t great. Apart from the flats, which I’ve since been told happens a lot, there were no road closure. Depending on the speed of the car, at times it felt like just a little faster and that car would have blown me off the bike. Other cars passed me way too close for comfort as well. Although there were traffic humps on the road, it didn’t stop many from speeding past.

Breakfast soon sorted the low spirits and then it was home to chill.

Lesson, for me is to stick to the races that mates recommend and or train in your usual hood.

It’s a new week, so we refocus, regroup and pick up where we left off last week. It’s back to the spinning classes this week, early swimming pool sessions and road/treadmill work for some leg mileage. Weekend we have a group Bike/Brick Run training session and Sunday another race.

We have goals and we need to reach them … 7 weeks and counting!