New week .. an opportunity to restart

My Young Hero!

My Young Hero!

Tuesday is the start of my training week. Monday’s are for recoveries from all the activities over the weekend, thank goodness for that, because Monday I was exhausted!

On day1 of the new week, I normally spin for 60 minutes, followed by 20 minutes on the treadmill. Tonight though, time didn’t permit me the luxury of a run. Once done, I had my Herbalife 24H Rebuild shake.

Indoor Training

Indoor Training

Wednesdays, I’m up early as it is swim day. I’m planning on a 2km swim before my day starts, so that I get some arm work and keep my swimming momentum going. Early mornings are always the hardest for me, as I love my sleep. I have a goal, so I have to make the extra effort.

Tonight I have 5km evening Time Trial. I really enjoyed last weeks session and hope now that I “know” the route I will be able to run it without creating my own routes and my legs will be more comfortable running it.

Early Morning Swim

Early Morning Swim

According to this Triathlon Magazine time trials are great to improve your running, but not only them as I’ve heard the same from a few reliable sources. During time trials you tend to run at a faster pace than usual, in so doing improving and allowing you to find an ideal race pace the ultimate goal, right? I believe that you will eventually find a fast pace to run races at, either the same pace throughout or a run pace that will let you to hopefully run the last half of the race at a faster pace than the first.

Through the efforts put in during time trials, you may even find that in some cases you’re still reasonably “fresh” at the end of a race when compared to other individuals running beside you or crossing the finish line with you. Personally, this point has been proven to me already. When I ran with my mate Amy at a recent race, Wanderers 2015 where I timed a 58m for the 10km a PB, she kept the same pace throughout, whilst at the 8km I found that I’d peaked. I’m still at the early stages of my time trials, but going by what I’ve read and heard, these weekly run meetings benefit your run time.

Currently during the time trials my heart rate should ideally be at the 142 bpm 80% of my aerobic capacity, but I find that most of the time my heart is beating way past my max heart rate of 177.  The plan is to use these time trials to find a pace I am comfortable at, also making my heart happy, but more importantly I will also attempt to keep my running pace steady through the 5km and not feel totally finished… because I over did it.


“Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it” – Oprah Winfrey


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