Time Trial was awesome last night!

Tuesday Activity

Tuesday Activity

This is a quickie post..

Not being a morning person, when the alarm went off yesterday morning I wanted to throw the phone against the nearest wall…but I didn’t 🙂

I was on my feet by 4h40, had my quick Herbalife shake, lesson learnt never to exercise on an empty stomach, and I was at the gym entrance at 5h05 am.

In the pool by 5h09 and swimming my 2km laps. I’m now glad I didn’t succumb to laziness, due to the leftover feeling sorry for myself because of the initial start time 94.7 Cycle Challenge allocated me. Thirty-six minutes later I was done and heading on home.

I’m finding that when I have these early morning sessions, I feel lethargic by 10am. Like really really tired. It could  be due to the number of hours I’m sleeping … sadly averaging 6 hours .. I think my body needs at least 8 hours to survive the demands of my day.

After a bit of a hectic day at the office yesterday, I was very keen to attend the early evening Nedbank Time Trial(TT) for two reasons. One, I had not paid clear attention to the route map and ended up taking a wrong turn adding a little extra mileage to my legs. The second reason I was excited to run, was to see if what I’d read about time trials and mentioned it in my post yesterday was true, that is that TTs help runners to improve their times.

My time improved during yesterday’s TT, I managed to shave off almost 3 minutes vs. my time in last week’s TT, it also happens to be my best 5km to date 😉 Needless to say, I’m super happy about that. I managed to keep the gap between me and the front-runners not too long, and I didn’t feel like I was straining. Granted the hills were slow, but I ran them which is a huge plus for me.

Next week’s goal is to keep up this momentum, and hopefully see another improvement in my time. I know that perhaps my excitement to see if these TT really work contributed to my performance yesterday, but I’m going to keep at it as I would like to see my 10km times improving further.

Tomorrow I have an early spinning session followed straight after by a brick run that I’m looking forward to.