Feature Friday – Charysse Woodrow

Charysse Woodrow - Cyclist

Charysse Woodrow – Cyclist

For the next few weeks the plan is to feature people or clubs that have inspired me along my journey so far. I’ve chosen them because I admire their tenacity, their belief that if one works hard enough, there’s nothing that’s impossible. In turn I hope that YOU too will be inspired by at least one .. if not all of them. They are from different backgrounds, but their uniqueness unites them as they have one thing in common .. to never give up!

“I’m not a PRO cyclist, I’m a mom that enjoys cycling…”

Charysse Woodrow.

Charysse is an independent mother of two “boys” .. they actually men, with a thriving business in sales of all semi-conductor components. She confesses to having been very active during her school years in sports, but as with many of us, life just took over and before she knew it she was running around working towards giving her family a comfortable life. Charysse believes we as individuals need to be more grateful for the opportunities given to us, as there are so many people across the world who would give anything to be able to do a tenth of what we’re able to , but because of a disability or some reason can’t. There are athletes with missing limbs doing exceptionally well at international events, competing with able-bodied people in some cases. So, what excuse do I have? Don’t take your ability to be active without challenges for granted.  I’m not a PRO cyclist, I’m a mom that enjoys cycling and I don’t want to take for granted what many only dream of. 

Be inspired ….

EKL is me 🙂

CW is our independent career mom of two

EKL – Why did you decide to become a cyclist ?

CW – I used to sit outside my house and watch the 94.7 and I swore one day I would do it.  I started training with a wonderful group of people and loved it.  Before I knew it, I had entered the 94.7 and cycled my first one in 2013. I didn’t own a proper pair of cycling shoes so I rode in my Takkies (sports shoes), on a mountain bike that I bought for my son when he was 12, a helmet that was too large for me and borrowed cycling shorts and t-shirt.

EKL – How long have you been cycling for?

CW – Since April 2013, not really that long ago.

EKL  – As a cyclist what is your ultimate goal?

CW – To win the Tour de France …jokes. To be honest I want to cycle the 1965 Ride from JOZI to Queenstown in 2016 in support of the Queen’s College Trust.

EKL – How do you prepare for a race from a training and nutrition point of view?

CW – Um… one of the members of my cycling group makes me eat a toasted bacon and egg sandwich  and I always carry jelly babies and a banana

EKL – Which PRO Cyclist inspires you and why?

CW – As I’ve only recently begun cycling I don’t really have one. For now I work towards being better than my last ride. I believe it’s important that we always work towards improving ourselves.

EKL – As a sport do you believe that cycling is growing in popularity in South Africa?

CW – It’s growing in popularity, but not at a fast enough pace in my opinion. On most Saturday and Sunday mornings you’re guaranteed to see hundreds of gorgeous legs pedalling across the Cradle,  so yes I’d say it’s pretty popular.  I think if our municipalities implemented dedicated cycling lanes and the traffic didn’t make the roads unsafe for cyclists, the sport would experience more public support.

EKL – How do you balance your time in terms of work, training and personal demands?

CW – Due to time constraints and the responsibilities that come with running a partnership business and being a single mom, I only get to train on a Saturday and/or Sunday. So, with great time management skills I’m able to maintain a 60:10:30 balance of these three areas.



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  1. deeksdaz

    Inspirational Charysse! You never lose sight of what is most important…family and friends…keep cycling and may you have many more safe years on the road ahead of you!


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