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CCT2016 – sourced online

Late last week Friday, I received an email confirming that my application ..note not entry .. to the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2016 had been successful! Needless to say I was thrilled! Overjoyed! Ecstatic! These are just some of the words that come to mind to describe how I felt at that moment, when I read the email.

Now, I have a few days to decide if we’re riding it .. actually more like to pay and confirm our entries. Yes, hubs also managed to secure himself an entry 🙂

2015 has been a fantastic year thus far where my active life is concerned.

Map CCT2016

Map CCT2016 – sourced online

Here are a few reasons about why I say this and hence the title of this post.

  1. I ran my first Two Oceans Half Marathon – FINISHED April ’15
  2. I ran my first Dischem Half Marathon – also my first 21.1km ever! – FINISHED January ’15
  3. I ran my first Om Die Dam Half Marathon – FINISHED March ’15
  4. I won an entry into the 5150 Triathlon Series taking place in Germiston in just 3 weeks, thanks to Modern Athlete and DareToTRI FINSIHED November ’15
  5. I entered the 947 Cycle Challenge and it seems this year I will definitely be riding and for a purpose too FINISHED November ’15
  6. I entered the infamous Tough Run 32km – takes place the week after 947 FINISHED November ’15
  7. I entered Comrades 2016 – still wondering what I was thinking
  8. I entered Cape Town Cycle Tour 2016 – that route profile looks freaking scary!
  9. Need to run a Marathon in 2016 – qualifier for Comrades 2016
  10. Need to run an Ultra in 2016 e.g. Two Oceans Marathon 56km
  11. I’m keen to swim the Midmar Mile 2016
CCT2016 Route Profile

CCT2016 Route Profile – sourced online

5150 Germiston 2015

5150 Germiston 2015 – sourced online

Since June my focus has been on the 5150 African Champs taking place on the 1st November 2015. I won’t lie, now that my race number was sent to me yesterday (6th October 2015), I’m feeling excited and nervous at the same time. Does that make any sense? I’m excited because I’ve dreamt of competing and completing this Triathlon Series, for what feels like forever! Nervous because the last time I entered the Germiston Lake, the experience left at a lot to be desired. A panic attack 100m into the choppy waters of the lake, isn’t something I wish my worst enemy to experience.

I’ve since had a few open water swim sessions and feel loads more comfortable.

For the next few weeks the focus will be to keep to the programme, get more leg and arm mileage both on land and water in preparation for the Triathlon.

I’m freaking excited I tell you!




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  1. deeksdaz

    Must say I am pretty excited too E! You have come a hell of a long way and achieved so much in such a short space of time, immensely proud of the coach potato that has now become an athlete!


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