Sunday Looms on the horizon …

5150 Germiston 2015

5150 Germiston 2015

It all currently feels a little surreal…

My participation in the 5i50 African Championship taking place this Sunday 1 November 2015 has been a dream of mine the last few years.

I joined DareToTRI this year and suddenly it all started falling into place. From June I found myself following a regular training schedule and around September I found myself being 1 of 5 individuals with a sponsored entry into this dream event by Modern Athlete South Africa. I would have entered on my own anyway, but the sponsorship just made it extra special.

There have been loads of early morning wakeup calls for spinning, running, or both, swimming sessions and cycling through the Cradle. Some mornings I honestly felt like I could do with a few more winks, other mornings left me feeling a little kak that I was dragging my hubby and son with me, just so I got some mileage on my legs – they insisted to come with.

…you are going to love it. My advice to you this week is to drink up all your emotions and the vibes. Try and take it slowly so you can remember every moment leading up to Sunday. You are going to love yourself and somewhere along the line hate yourself but you will be proud of yourself. Trust me on this. It is what I did for Bela Bela. You are a true inspiration to all of us and especially to your son. I am proud to be in the same team as you .. – Lee-Ann

Support I’ve received from old friends, new friends met through the DareToTRI group, colleagues and family has been amazing! As much as you say I’ve inspired you, know that your kind words have been fuel for me on this journey.

I know I’ve put in the time and effort, that however hasn’t stopped my mind from asking me “are you sure you’re ready” .. “maybe you need to put some more training time” …”what if …” then deep down I have this shy voice doing it’s best to squash all these doubts and letting me know that I HAVE put in the time and training. I’m more ready than I was a year ago when it all flopped on me during my first attempt.

5150 Germiston Motivation

5150 Germiston Motivation – shared by Modern Athlete

That said, I’m so going to follow Lee-Ann’s suggestion and enjoy this week, take in all the emotions going on in my head, make sure I have all my gear ready before and then go out there and just tackle one stage at a time… isn’t that how we eat an elephant, one small bite at a time? πŸ˜‰

My goal isn’t to have a podium finish, it never was, but yes to be able to say that “YES, I did it! I finished the 5i50 African Champs Triathlon in 2015”

To family and friends that will be cheering me on from the side… THANK YOU!

To my fellow DareToTRI team mates, let’s go out there and own it! I have no doubt we will be cheering each other throughout the morning.

Sunday one journey comes to an end, but a new one begins … stay tuned for that!


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  1. deeksdaz

    All i can offer in support at this late stage E is that you must absolutely love the experience as much as you can and savour it. Don’t get too serious about it and make sure you have loads of fun. There will be other Triathlons after this one although this one will be special. Your colleagues, family and friends are with you every step of the way and we all applaud and commend your efforts and determination. Most significant of all is that you will be setting an important and life defining example for Jeremy. You will forever be a hero in our eyes!


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