It’s almost time…

Motivation #3

This coming Sunday 1 November 2015, I will be entering the same waters that I allowed to “beat” me a year ago. I’m not planning to let history repeat itself.

Motivation 5150 #5

I didn’t give up then, instead, I looked for a way to overcome the panic. Small steps. Learnt how to swim in the open waters, because just pool swimming wasn’t going to cut it. Open water swimming wasn’t enough though. Triathlons have three disciplines, swim, cycle and run. I needed to find a way to bring these three disciplines together. This is where DareToTRI came in, through their programme I received structure and direction bringing me to this weekend.


It took many early morning wake up calls, much time in the pool, on the road, and making sure I was eating right. We tend to forget that diet is a crucial part of the sports journey. At one point, the training was draining me of all my energies, then hubby joined HERBALIFE and got me into their products. He started me on their Formula 1 meal replacement – great range and awesome taste.


I was finally on the right track. Until now I hadn’t realised how important it was to make sure that I ate right, to get me through not only the day, but also my training and races. As was the case with me, I experienced cramping and dizziness at different points of training and racing. Since improving my eating and keeping my body hydrated, I’ve experienced almost no cramps and the dizziness is gone. Post training I don’t feel drained but am left with loads more energy.

Motivation 5150 #6

Sunday isn’t about winning the race, but yes about finishing it. Finishing the triathlon is ME winning. I will have beaten my last attempt at this sport.

Motivation 5150 #4

I will be working towards performing better than I did the last time I was in these waters, and looking at completing the cycle and run legs without major challenges. I know I’ve put in the training time, so am now looking to reap the rewards 🙂

The 5i50 Arch

Running up that red carpet and crossing this arch is my goal on Sunday!


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  1. deeksdaz

    E, you are 100% better prepared than you were last time round especially mentally! Again, it’s a stepping stone to the next big thing…remember to enjoy and savour the swim, ride and run! #youvegotthis #keepkeepingon


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