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Ouch! That was a tough one …



Last Sunday was another race altogether…

The race route has a serious reputation of being a tough experience for runners, and although I cramped badly from the 20km mark, to be honest I didn’t think the route too bad! That the winner ran the same route at a pace of 3.24min/km hopefully confirms it too.  Continue reading


32km Tough One Weekend!

Rac 32km Tough One - sourced online

Rac 32km Tough One – sourced online

Yay! It’s the weekend … again! Boy is time flying past. This weekend I attempt another first for me. I will be attempting a new long distance, 32kms. Until now the furthest I’ve run has been 21kms .. Continue reading

#CC2015 DONE!

Team Ryan Walker #CC2015

Part of Team Ryan Walker #CC2015


After all that hype, the 947 Cycle Challenge 2015 has come and gone! Over Continue reading

Time for another first …



Last week Sunday I swam in the Heia Safari 1km Swim Challenge. A beautiful day, great weather and venue for a family outing. Although we desperately need the rain, Continue reading

Swim Challenge 1

aQuelle Swim Challenge

aQuelle Swim Challenge

Now that the 5i50 Triathlon is done, it is time to move my focus elsewhere. This weekend it’s the first Heia Safari Swim Challenge. I had hoped to compete and finish the Dischem Swim two weeks back, but that wasn’t possible for reasons beyond my control.

Continue reading

5i50 African Champs Triathlon DONE!

5i50 Triathlon Series

5i50 Triathlon Series – REGISTRATION

Yesterday, 1 November 2015, I FINISHED the Standard Bank 5i50 Triathlon Series out in Ekhuruleni, Germistron.

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