Swim Challenge 1

aQuelle Swim Challenge

aQuelle Swim Challenge

Now that the 5i50 Triathlon is done, it is time to move my focus elsewhere. This weekend it’s the first Heia Safari Swim Challenge. I had hoped to compete and finish the Dischem Swim two weeks back, but that wasn’t possible for reasons beyond my control.

I rested Monday after the triathlon last Sunday, but did an easy Spinning session on Tuesday and an easy 1.2km swim on Wednesday. Both activities felt like it was what I needed. I may go and do another swim session tomorrow afternoon just so my arms are ready for Sunday.

Sunday will begin at 8am with the 3km swim, an hour later the women will go off on their 1km swim, then some men go off at 10h30 while the next batch goes off at 11h30. The last event is the 400m Fun Swim at 12h30. I’m quite excited as the last open water swim, not part of a triathlon or training, I did was back in March this year.

There are a few of these swim challenges taking place over the summer – african summer 🙂 Dischem Sun City Swim was the first, Heia Safari Swim Challenge 1 is next on Sunday. After that there are two Swim challenges out in Kwazulu Natal hosted by the Sunday Tribune, before the challenge returns to Gauteng for Heia Safari Swim Challenge 2 and the Lake Heritage water festivals end of January 2016.

February is the infamous Midmar Mile taking place on the 13 & 14. All the abovementioned open water swim I understand are to seed you for the Midmar Mile. The Heia Safari swim seems to be the smallest of the events, attracting small crowds at the moment. Although it may seem small there will be medics and lifeguards on duty should you need assistance. If you complete one or more of these swims, you will then also be able to use the time with your entry for the Midmar Mile, so that you’re seeded with swimmers of similar strength.

If you’re not planning much for Sunday and keen on some open water swimming, come on over 🙂