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Last week Sunday I swam in the Heia Safari 1km Swim Challenge. A beautiful day, great weather and venue for a family outing. Although we desperately need the rain, we still need to appreciate the blessings we are given daily.

We arrived pretty much with just 15 minutes to collect my registration number, put on some sunblock and make my way to the starters chute. Unlike at the 5150 Triathlon the previous weekend, this time I decided to try to see what would happen if I went into the middle of the crowd.

Let’s just say I now know from experience what the “washing machine” effect is all about, first hand. The horn went off and it was a mad scramble I tell you. I don’t know if you’ve ever watched those adverts where the local clothing store is announcing their month-end sale to the public and you have this rush of women, yes they always have women stampeding over a lone security male guard to get to the items on sale! Well it kinda felt the same I think .. only this time it was a bunch of men scrambling to get to the first buoy out in the water. Arms and legs everywhere, you’re being kicked and elbowed but you’re not moving anywhere. I had to stop a few times to take a breather and look around me to see what the hell was going on. I honestly did think about stopping the next person kicking me, WTF! Did they think they were doing because it wasn’t swimming!

Heia Safari Challenge 1 2015

Heia Safari Challenge 1 2015

If anything, they actually just motivated me to swim faster and get away from the chaos.

After a while things seemed to have calmed and I was making a dash for the dam shores. Getting out of the waters I forgot to stop my watch so added a minute to my time – realised this afterwards.

I received my medal and when I checked the official results I was extremely happy with my time. Especially because it was very close to my pool time for the same distance, for me this means that I can certainly do better! In the pool I’m alone and not scrabbling for space, in the dam I am and achieved the same time. Back to the waters I go!

Source : Ryan Walker Foundation

Source : Ryan Walker Foundation

This weekend I’m participating in my first 947 Cycle Challenge and really looking forward to it! A few years now I’ve planned and entered and never rode. This year it’s all about to change!! I’m especially motivated by the fact that I’m riding for a purpose, the Ryan Walker foundation. I managed to raise a generous amount of funds for the entry and to ride with this group. It’s the foundation’s first 947 ride, so we’ve been given a bit of kak start .. A HUGE THANK YOU too all my donors!

I am looking forward to the experience, especially as I will be riding with hubby by my side and I have the office .. ok a few of my colleagues .. to set up camp at different points along the route and cheer us on! Tonight the carbo loading begins, along with making sure I drink loads of water prepped with extra electrolytes for the ride on Sunday.

Besides me though, a few of the individuals I featured during my Feature Friday series a month back are also riding for a purpose. Kristian is riding for The “Mad” Choc Cows and they doing a double ..yep riding 189.4kms for the cause and Daniel is riding for the Teddy Bear Clinic South Africa along with a fellow triathlete Lee-Ann,  Charysse is riding for the Organ Donor Foundation raising awareness and a dear friend Minessa is riding for auSOMEtism! These are all fantastic causes, if you have any spare change please consider donating to one or all.

Wishing you a super safe ride on Sunday and may it be loads of fun, besides achieving all the other goals you’ve set for the day! See you either at the start, along the road or post the ride 🙂



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