32km Tough One Weekend!

Rac 32km Tough One - sourced online

Rac 32km Tough One – sourced online

Yay! It’s the weekend … again! Boy is time flying past. This weekend I attempt another first for me. I will be attempting a new long distance, 32kms. Until now the furthest I’ve run has been 21kms .. adding 11kms to that, it’s also the first time I’ve entered the race.

There are a number of my mates that run it religiously every year, and adore it. I took a look at the route and I’m trying to understand … why exactly 🙂

Route Rating - sourced online

Route Rating – sourced online

Route Profile - sourced online

Route Profile – sourced online

There is going to be a lot of climbing this Sunday, additionally I will be reacquainting myself with part of the route from last weekend’s 947 Cycle Challenge.

32km Tough 1 Sponsor - sourced online

32km Tough 1 Sponsor – sourced online

Let’s call a spade a spade shall we, it will be the part I cringed at the bottom of the road and swore all the way to the top.

32km Tough 1 Technical Sponsor - sourced online

32km Tough 1 Technical Sponsor – sourced online

So why am I doing the run you may ask, well, they apparently give out a special medal to all the runners that successfully completed the 947 Cycle Challenge last weekend and finish the 32kms Tough One Run this weekend 🙂 Yes, it may seem silly to put yourself through it, but it’s a goal of mine and I’m super keen to achieve it. I will be running .. or rather starting off with hubby on Sunday, but I may let him go on if I find I’m not able to keep up with his fast pace, but will certainly be giving it by best shot! As the headmistress of my son’s new school mentioned during her introduction speech recently .. not quoting her verbatim .. but basically she said that as parents we need to help our children appreciate the importance of finishing any task or project we’ve committed ourselves into.

When I started this endurance sport journey, that’s exactly what was on my mind. To somehow let my son know that it is important to see things through to the end that we start or commit to, and secondly that it’s important to lead a healthy lifestyle, to be physical beyond the sofa and the iPad.

This run is also the penultimate endurance race for me this year(2015). I have one more event next weekend then I will take a bit of a break. I sense that hubby already has training plans for us in December. Last year we all did a run on the last day of the year and on the first day .. and it felt fantastic! Let’s see if we are up to repeating it this year 🙂

However you’re spending this weekend, have fun!



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