Ouch! That was a tough one …



Last Sunday was another race altogether…

The race route has a serious reputation of being a tough experience for runners, and although I cramped badly from the 20km mark, to be honest I didn’t think the route too bad! That the winner ran the same route at a pace of 3.24min/km hopefully confirms it too. 

No, my time wasn’t great, but I had said from the start that I wasn’t racing this year. My goal was to finish .. which I did .. slow as it may have been 🙂 I also was able to get my additional medal for completing the 947 Cycle Challenge the weekend before, the bonus!

I felt really broken when I got up on Monday. Tuesday was just as hectic, and that’s when I decided to visit Mike at SBR Sport Sunninghill. My friend June went to see him over the weekend and could not stop raving about the experience and how she felt afterwards .. which is what really matters. I managed to get an appointment for Wednesday afternoon, I was too late for Tuesday afternoon.

Mike is really chilled and he makes you relax from the word go, informing you every step what he is doing and why. He started on my legs and worked upwards toward my back. Using a rubber band he wrapped my calves to improve the blood flow through them for a minute or two. My right calf was a tad tender and needed more TLC, so he did some dry needling. I’ve had it done before so was not phased by it, nor when he turned the needle while insert, but like he said I did feel his work when he used alcohol to wipe the area off.

Kinesiology Tape - sourced online

Kinesiology Tape – sourced online

Following my calves he massaged my hamstrings and back before finishing off with some Kinesiology Tape on my back. My back started aching at one point during the run on Sunday, so am sure happy Mike picked it up.

By Wednesday evening I could already feel a difference in my body after the massage. Tape is on for another 24 hours before I can remove them.

aQuelle Midmar Swim Series - Heia Safari - sourced online

aQuelle Midmar Swim Series – Heia Safari – sourced online

Tapes are coming off my back just in time too. This weekend is the aQuelle Midmar Swim happening at the Heia Safari. It’s time for another 1km swim, that will help with the Midmar seeding happening in February 2016.

The swim also marks the end of my endurance season for 2015. Yep after this I take a bit of a break from racing and relax a little, but not completely.

My focus will move to running, as I prepare for the start of the 2016 running races I’ve entered. It will also let my son and I support hubby for a change as he competes in his first standard Duathlon in two weeks time.