2015 .. My year of firsts

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What a fantastic year of first in the sports field for me, this year has been! I started the year with an 11km run on the very first day of 2015 through the Botanical gardens in Pretoria and along the side streets. A year back, I would have told you to go run it yourself, instead this year I was the one chasing hubby and son into the car so we arrived in Pretoria on time.

Through the December break and into early January when everyone else was on the beach enjoying the sun and the company of a chilled glass of wine or beer, I was waking up at the crack of dawn to hit the roads.

Mid January I ran my very first 21.1km – Half Marathon – with my hubby. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, although hubby hated the last bit as it was all downhill. I ran a second 21.1km in March on my own as training for the Two Oceans Half Marathon I ran, again on my own during Easter Sunday.

Over the winter, I ran a few more 10km races, but the focus shifted to Cycling. Hubby and I entered the 947 Cycle Challenge. I’ve meant to ride it a few years now, but somehow it just never materialised. I also began training for my first Triathlon.

November 2015 was one hectic month, full of activities every single weekend! On the 1st November, I completed my first Olympic Distance Triathlon – 5150 Series, the weekend after I swam in the 1st Heia Safari Challenge, the weekend after that I had the pleasure of riding the 947 Cycle Challenge with hubby, although I am first to admit that it wasn’t the most enjoyable experience. I cramped a lot! The weekend of the 22nd November, hubby and I ran my farthest distance yet 32kms in the RAC Tough Race and last weekend I swam in the 2nd Heia Safari Challenge and that is how my rather very active 2015 ended!

I’m super chuffed that I managed to finish all the races I entered, some I struggled through, while others I had a fantastic experience. If you’re sitting on the sofa and wondering if you can, the answer is YES YOU CAN! It will need some effort and determination from your side, but you can do it if you want to.

2016 will have it’s own set of new challenges, some I need to review and reconsider if I should perhaps push it back a year or accept that maybe I just bit off more than I can chew for now. One thing is for sure, I need to top 2015!

My Reward for 2015

My Reward for 2015

Wishing you a fun 2016 on the road or water πŸ™‚