Staying active in 2016 …?

Dischem 21km 2016

Dischem 21km 2016

2016 def started with a bang! 

Training over the festive season and into the early days of the new year was limited in comparison to the same period in 2015. I’m not sure why, though, that said I did a few hilly long runs though just before Christmas and a Track session once in the new year. Perhaps that is where the confidence rises from.

Two weeks into the new year is the annual Dischem21 . This time round I was running it solo, my hubby ran it with me last year and wasn’t keen to do it again this time round. He hates the last 2kms of the race as it is mostly steep downhill. Last year it was also my first attempt at a half marathon, and we managed to finish it in 2h37.

2016 I was honestly more confident throughout the first 16km, I felt I was pacing at the right tempo that suited me and I felt great. At the 16.5km mark, I decided I was going to take a breather and walk to the next pole. It was here that I was informed to run a little further and we would rest at just before the hill ahead. This genuine gesture on the man’s part kinda through “my game” 😦

From that point onwards I just didn’t feel my mojo. It left me! I felt anxious and no longer in control of my race. By being polite I’d also handed over my race, I’m so mad at myself, still I managed to shave off 21 minutes from my 2015 time, completing the run in 02h16 in 2016.

It’s done! Race is over and lesson learnt!

1.2km Swim 2016

1.2km Swim 2016

The weekend after the race a group of us hit the Cradle for a long, again hilly, 21km run. Hubby and son were around too providing us with much hydration throughout the route.

It all felt kinda weird running the route, as until then I’d only ever ridden the route. Of course along the route we also met up with many of my cycling mates too.

For the first time, I will be swimming the Midmar Mile . It’s a swimming race held annually in February at the Midmar Dam close to Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. It’s another event I grew up hearing all the time, but had never had the opportunity to take part in it…until now that is.

Yep, I am looking forward to it.

This week, I attempt my first full marathon! Yep, 42.2kms or road running. The only expectation I have is to finish within the allocated time the organisers have, and hopefully qualify to start at Comrades 2016! Although I’m not 100% convinced that I’m ready for it, let’s wait and see if I can tick that box off too this year … 121 days and counting down …to May 29, 2016!

Following that, these next events are the ones I’d really like to participate in :

  • both 5150 Triathlon Series out here, taking place at Bela Bela August 20, and at Ekhuruleni date is yet to be confirmed
  • Tough One again .. this time to see if I will have a better experience
  • I’m not convinced I will ride the 947 Cycle Challenge again … but minds have been known to change
  • Although we’ve entered the Cape Town Cycle Challenge 2016, we will not be riding it. So if you know someone who wants to enter ….
  • Dischem Sun City Swim – like the Midmar Mile – I’m keen to tick this one, off too
  • Conquer Swimming out at sea

That in a nutshell are the goals for 2016 ..

Keep Swimming, Cycling and Running!

Motivation to keep going!

Some Motivation