Midmar Mile …

Herbalife Protein Shake

Herbalife Protein Shake

The 2016 Midmar Mile is almost upon us. For me it’s another sport’s event I’ve wanted to do for the longest time, but for some reason never ever got around to participating. Growing up I’d hear all my mates that schooled in the area mentioning it, some even participated.

Following me conquering the 5150 Triathlon Series in November 2015, I decided I was going to make it a reality for me in 2016. Although the entries had opened last year already, it was only at the end of January 2016 that I finally bit the bullet and entered the event.

While I debated entering the event, I continued to enter all the local open water swimming races that would contribute to my final seeding at the Midmar if I eventually entered. Totally enjoyed swimming at these open water swims and the times I managed to register too!

It’s going to be a bit of a breakaway for the family, some ocean time for our son, yes during school time and I get to fulfill yet another dream. Hubby and son will be there to support me throughout, just as they have been through my training.

My body needs extra protein when I’m doing these endurance sports, I get this through the Herbalife Shakes hubby makes me before I venture off to the local gym. Last year during my triathlon training, you will recall from an earlier post that I would get dizzy spells towards the end. Since I started taking the shake, the spells have also disappeared and I find that I feel energised throughout my swim and running sessions. I compliment that shake by adding a sachet of the HerbalifeCR7 to my water and drink it during my run or in between my swim laps to keep me hydrated.

The nerves have started as the weekend approaches. This is pretty normal for me. I’m all excited ahead of the event and as we get closer to D Day that’s when the nerves hit. My friend June shared an article by Mike Roscoe with me. Mike will be swimming his 37th Midmar Mile, and swimming ALL 8 miles for the 4th time! You can read his full blog entry here.  He shares 11 crucial tips:

  • Start on the side so that you avoid the confusion
  • If you breath to the right, then start on the left side
  • Wear you goggles underneath your cap
  • Relax as quickly as possible
  • Draft if you can
  • Swim in a straight line
  • Try not to get kicked by swimmers in front of you
  • If you’re in doubt get out the water
  • Kick harder as you near the shore, unless you suffer from the next point
  • Low blood pressure a challenge, move slowly
  • Remember to smile for the cameras

If you’re swimming the Midmar this weekend, travel safe and have a fantastic experience!

“Stay motivated – set a distance and try to reach it every day” – Ryan Lochte