My free Uber ride to the start of Pirates!

Uber - sourced online

Uber  New Logo – sourced online

Thanks to the #Pirates21 this past weekend, I was able to experience what the fuss about is about Uber and get to the start of this race on time! Yep, the Pirates Club and Uber got together and if you were using Uber for the first time they had a generous R200 discount for you!

Did you get to use it?

Our toddler is in one of those phases where he cries for anything and everything, and gets bored easily so I didn’t want to put hubby through this ‘nirvana’ for a few hours (so considerate aren’t I? 🙂 ,so this offer was one I was willing to try, and what better opportunity … right 🙂


I was up at 4am to get myself sorted for the run, and scheduled to request for a Uber driver 10 minutes before 5am just so that I got to the Pirates Club before the 6am start.

The app was downloaded the night before capturing all my credit card details, and entered the Pirates/Uber discount code Pirates21.

The app itself is pretty straightforward to navigate and very user-friendly. You enter the start address and the destination. It even gives you a chance to see how much the ride may cost you in advance. Once I had confirmed my request, the app let’s you know who the driver is, yep there’s a picture and the number plate of the car collecting you as well as the time of the pickup. Uber ConfirmationThe driver in my case called me to confirm my address, which I guess is also the driver’s way of letting me know that they had received my request.

The vehicle was clean, inside and out when it arrived. He greeted me at that horrible hour, politely, confirmed I was the person he was collecting, asked if I wanted the aircon on and if I wanted music .. we could have driven all the way to the club in silence but the driver engaged me in conversation which made the ride pretty pleasant!

Overall the experience was pleasant and cost me nothing as my ride was within the discount being offered of R200. That was the best part of the ride for me 🙂 I felt safe throughout the ride, and if I had had to pay anything it would have been automatically deducted from the card details I had shared with Uber when I signed up.

If you haven’t tried out Uber yet, why don’t you download their app either from the Apple App Store or Playstore if you’re an Android user and use the awesome discount Uber has given me to share emanuelk71ue . It’s only applicable to first time Uber users though, enjoy the ride! Find out more here.


Early Sunday Morning - #Pirates21

Early Sunday Morning – #Pirates21

I decided that I wasn’t keen on tackling the queues on Sunday morning so made my way to the Pirates club on Saturday and was met with a festive mood.

There were stalls with a variety of what looked like tasty food for sale. The DA also had some members reminding the public of the upcoming Municipal elections and offering to send a reminder closer to the time too. Moving into the clubhouse I found the registration table with ease, and I was greeted by a very friendly team who assisted me pretty quickly. I don’t think I spent more than two minutes altogether getting my number sorted.

I was there with hubby and our son, it wasn’t long and our son had spotted the jumping castles outside. He ran out with hubby doing his best to keep up, this scene was pretty much brought to a halt when hubby was informed that it would cost them R30! What! You’re charging children 30 bucks to jump around!? Now this was a first! It would also explain why it was so empty too! It was the first time we have experienced this. Sadly we left, as I was not going to pay R30, I know it isn’t a lot of money but times are tough to be spending R30 so my child can jump around for 5 minutes, especially considering other events provide this much-needed facility to parents at no cost!!

Waiting for the start

Waiting for the start

Unlike the Pirates 10km that I had run last year, it wasn’t very clear to the runners where the start of the race was on Sunday morning. There wasn’t much signage directing us runners to the start, fortunately while trying to figure out where the start was with a few other runners someone who had obviously run it before directed us to where the 2015 starting point was.

Fortunately it was in the right direction but unlike the previous 10km race, there was no starting Arch, or banners that confirmed this was where we had to be. At one point if you were watching from afar, it may have looked like we were dancing. One minute everyone was facing up the road (incidentally the direction we eventually started in 🙂 ) and the next minute we were facing down the road and just as quickly back up again. It would have been great if there had been clear directions to the start #justsaying

Besides this little hiccup at the start, the rest of the race was well organised and managed. The marshalls and police support was amazing at all the intersections, the watering points well-managed with enough coke and water, and a smile on everyone’s faces that was helping out.


The race has lived up to its reputation of being tough! Especially the climb up one of the Northcliff hills! There were moments that we were given a moment to catch our breath, but these were few and far between. The downhills were just as hectic as the uphills, if you were not too cautious you could have taken a tumble! I must add that the scenes from the top looking down were amazing!!! Really worth the effort it took to get to the top.

From 18 to 20km it was mostly flat and yet I still found it tough! For some reason I’m currently struggling with the flatter sections of a race. Could it be the lack of track training .. not sure? When I reached 20km, a good friend, June,  suddenly appeared from behind, up until that point I had assumed she was in front of me as I’d seen her ahead of me at the start. She literally grabbed my hand and made me keep up with her all the way to the finish. She wasn’t taking a “NO” from my “lazy” ass and thanks to her I managed a sub 2h30! I’m totally happy with that time, even better than my first 21km in January 2015!


4:00am Bowl of Oats

4:50am Herbalife F1 Shake

Done it! Medal to show for it!

Done it! Medal to show for it!

During the run I stayed hydrated and fueled with Herbalife CR7 and Racefood. For my next run, I will be swapping the Racefood for the Herbalife Protein Bars. I’m mostly sugar-free in the week or when training. During the last two runs I have found that when I consume Racefood my stomach runs even before I have finished eating the bar. June, who is 100% sugar-free, decided she was going to try the 32Gi bar during the run yesterday. Wrong move as it affected her tummy badly! That in mind, I want to tryout the Herbalife Protein Bars to see if it has a different effect on me.

So with this race in the bag, I am looking forward to the Pirates 10km later this year and I will also be back to tackle #Pirates21 in 2017!