What’s your preference on the road?

Rac Tough 1 - 2015

The other day I read Meg’s blog entry about running solo or in a group. Her thoughts got me thinking.

When I commented on the entry I said …

Maniisays:February 19, 2016 at 1:30 pm

I much prefer the group runs personally. They push me to keep up .. ok try and keep up, with the faster runners.

Solo runs my mind wanders too much and I find I don’t push myself as hard .. end up just wanting to finish the run.

For some reason the thought hasn’t left my mind. Let me elaborate a little more.

I do indeed prefer the group runs .. but mostly only during the training sessions! Yes, because as mentioned in my comment to her blog entry, if I run on my own during training 1) my mind wanders way too far 2) I find I don’t push myself as hard as I should.

Now during a race, it is the complete opposite!

I find that in most instances I prefer to run alone. If I approach a mate to pace with, I will in most instances run with them for as long as I am able to keep up to them. When the pace becomes too fast for me, I tend to slow down and let my mate run on and I catch them at the finish line. I found that during these races I have managed to achieve great results for me 🙂

2015 Two Oceans Half Marathon and Old Eds 10km I managed to set PB times using this very logic.

On Sunday though I seem to have had the best of both worlds, just not a PB 🙂 I ran with one mate for 15km at which point I let him go and continue on his own as I’d hit my threshold. At the 20km point my group running took effect when my mate, June, literally grabbed me by the hand and forced me to keep up with her. My legs were tired but she wouldn’t hear any excuses.

This is where I realised how true the words “Comrades really starts at the 60km mark” it becomes a mind game, you finish Comrades mentally with some help from your legs. By no means is #Pirates21 similar to Comrades, but I believe that the last km on Sunday was completed in my head, and a little of it was me trying to prove to June that I wasn’t lazy 🙂

On a side note, #Pirates21 was also my first race with a water bottle with my Herbalife CR7. This was my effort to contribute towards the #RunClean campaign. I have run with the water bottle during training but never during races. To be honest I didn’t find that the bottle got in the way. I was able to run through the watering points without losing time making my way through the crowds to get a water sachet or coke. Only challenge now is that the bottle only lasts for 21km …




2 thoughts on “What’s your preference on the road?

  1. Getfithappyhealthy

    Those last 2km was a total mental game for me too – at the finish I had my hubby and sister in law screaming for me and it helped push me to finish. Having someone cheering you on definitely helps!


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