February … where is it?

CapeGate Vaal Marathon

CapeGate Vaal Marathon

OMG! How quickly did we get to March .. no we didn’t march we ran through February! Why? Why! Why? 

To be honest February was really low in terms of running mileage. Besides the Pirates 21.1km last weekend, I had two more short .. I mean REALLY short treadmill sessions at the local gym. Sad, because I’m keen to increase my leg mileage and get rid of those nagging cramps in my legs, feet and toes! However, if we were to look at the last 30 days, cheating I know .. I know 🙂 , then you could include my first marathon – Johnson Crane Hire – and a 21km run I did in the Cradle to make my mileage look more impressive, but I’m a realist and it just won’t cut it. So, yes I had a poor run record in February 😦

Besides the disappointing road running mileage, February had a few interesting first nice firsts for me. Yep! I managed to finally swim the Midmar Mile out in Howick and we scored a bit of a mid month break too 🙂 This month saw me try out the Uber too, and thanks to the Pirates discount I managed to get the ride for free, mahala, gratis! Have you had an Uber ride yet? If not, why don’t you try them out and use my R100 OFF your first ride using my code emanuelk71ue . Just click on the code and you will be taken to the Uber sign up page! Pirates21, OMG how can one forget that run last weekend! I’d never run it before and got to experience the pain everyone had mentioned to me before, but I will be there next year to try it out again 🙂 Sucker I am, yes! February also saw the end of the open water swim season, so it will be back to pool laps to stay swim fit until next season.

March will start with a bang! I hope. My friend Thelma has entered me into the VaalGate Marathon taking place on the 6th March. It’s a double looper, agh, just not friends with running a route twice .. alas .. let’s see what happens. I may just turn it into a half marathon and not a full marathon. I haven’t yet seen any other race I’d like to take part in during March, so I am seriously planning to put more effort into running in my neighbourhood more next month and also add a bike ride or two in preparation for the first of the two 5i50 Triathlon series whose entries have just opened! I just hope they don’t sell out before I’ve entered!

How was your February? Achieve any first time goals or bucket-list type experiences?



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