Long run with Randburg Harriers

Sunday Runday : sourced online

Sunday Runday : sourced online

Following last week Sunday’s tough 21km, I spent Monday fully recovering and the rest of the week .. well just pure laziness πŸ™‚ so did nothing.

Saturday I mostly continued with the laziness and suddenly remembered that I have a marathon .. possibly .. this coming weekend. I’ve not completely decided if I am running the loop twice yet. I have a feeling I will decide on Sunday at the 21km mark.

Saturday afternoon I came across a notice in the Gauteng Runners Facebook page, about the Randburg Harriers run taking place Sunday morning at 6am. I decided right there that I was doing the run, and I wasn’t doing anything less than 21.

Everyone met at the local gym’s parking lot bright and early .. ok it wasn’t so bright as the sun was just peaking at this time. I’m guessing winter is closer than we think. Just before 6am the Chairman of the club gave out the route printout and the various distances we could choose from. It was at this point that my friend Thelma joined me, and actually surprised me as she had mentioned that she would be running a race out in Pretoria. Company is always good in these runs else you’re alone with your thoughts .. not always a bad thing.

We decided initially to run 28 .. but for some reason the run just felt hard .. not just for me. Thelma runs in the week a few times and was feeling the run as bad as I was. At the 5km water point we decided we would run 20km and see. Although tough with loads of up runs and few down the route was fine, totally enjoyed the group run and hope that they have another one soon.

Our run ended up being a 24km, with us both finished when we hit the parking lot again.

This week I need to put in at least 2 easy runs before Sunday’s marathon or half.

How’s your training going?
Are you training for a specific event?