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Running Club

Running Club

This amazing insurance company, who happens to also host the MiWay Warriors my running club, are hosting the 40th Wally Hayward Marathon on the 2nd May 2016!

This is a race I have meant to enter the last two years but somehow have never made it to the starting line. 2016 I’m hoping it will all change and I will make it! If you haven’t entered it yet, click here for more details.

In the recent newsletter we received from the club there were some interesting tips shared on how to be race ready from Glen Gore, owner of Triathlon Plus Communications South Africa. I will start with what actually peaked my interest. My last two long runs were not the best experiences. At first I thought maybe it was the race food I was eating during the run. I used two different ones at each race, and had the same experience at both races.


Glen’s nutritional tips I believe has now cleared this for me! Avoid dairy products before the race! OMG! I have added milk to my protein shake and drinking it 30 minutes before the start! The milk can upset your system during the run. This is exactly what has happened to me. He recommends to rather enjoy a bowl of oats or some bread with jam as an alternative.

I’ve mentioned before, that I normally run with a stack of race food or energy bars to see me through the distance. As I’ve not been able to eat much the last two marathons, I have found that I’ve managed 21km on water and coke or my energy drink. I’m now taking out the milk part of my pre race routine, so will attempt to run again with race food and see how things go. It’s during the latter part of the second half of the long distance that one normally needs a boost to support your speed, so make sure that you spare some of the race food and energy bars for then.


When I started running about 18 months back, hubby would get me to stretch a little just before the run. Somehow, over time I’ve stopped this routine. I also think that it may have stopped due to conflicting information on this subject. Some say it is important to stretch while others not so much. Being a little lazy myself I went with the latter 😦

Glen’s recommendation if you don’t normally stretch is:

  • don’t stretch just before the race! You could actually end up straining a muscle.
  • rather go for a short warm-up run for about 5 minutes, then stretch.

Long term though stretching is an important part of our exercise regimen, and should be part of our daily exercise routine, both before and more importantly, after your run.


On the shoe, what Glen says I’ve heard from many a seasonal, experienced athlete already. It is extremely important that on race day you do not use a new pair of running shoes. Stick to what you’ve trained in and are comfortable using. Don’t even try on a new pair of socks. The last thing you want is to finish the race with feet full of blisters or worse finish with open wounds that will give you a horrible experience of the race.

I have in the past tried to tighten my takkies just before the start, because I don’t want the laces to come undone just as I start getting into the race. Nothing wrong with this but what tends to have is that we over secure our laces. Securing your foot too tightly, restricts normal foot movement.

Thank you MiWay Warriors AC for sharing Glen’s tips with us runners. Having experienced some of these incidents already I found the information very helpful. I will definitely be testing the dairy one during my next race. Watch out for that blog entry.

Enjoy the next run!


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