2016 will not be MYCOMRADES year …

Johnson Crane Marathon 2016

Johnson Crane Marathon 2016

On the 31st January 2016, a group of us travelled through to the East Rand to run the Johnson Crane Marathon. We were all gunning for a Comrades or Two Oceans Ultra qualification time.

If I recall correctly most in the group qualified, including me LOL. I laugh because I still can’t believe it! Although it was through the skin of my teeth that I qualified.

Since then, I just haven’t felt the Comrades. During the Midmar Mile weekend, I drove the route with hubby, in both directions and it was during these drives that I realised I wasn’t “feeling” the race. I ran a few half marathons and attended a weekend run here and there but I wasn’t seeing me running the Comrades this year.

Someone mentioned that I should run an Ultra before I make the decision, my question is why? If I run the Comrades I want to run it for me, not for anyone else. Secondly, I want to finish the Comrades within the allocated time, I certainly don’t want to get to the finish just after the gun goes off after 12 hours. I ran my first marathon, and suffered from basically 30kms to the end, how on earth can I expect to finish 90 odd kilometers!? No, my logical and sanity won’t let me attempt it this year.

Will I attempt it some time? To be honest .. I am not so sure I want to. Seasonal runners all say that you should attempt it at least once. Hmmm .. I don’t know if I care to right now!

I firmly believe that you should enjoy everything you do. If there’s no fun, then why attempt it?

I firmly believe that if you set your sights on a goal, then make sure that you put in 100% of your effort to achieve it. I don’t believe I have, my heart just hasn’t been in it.

As much as I believe that we should attempt to complete all projects we start, I also believe that we need to be “man/woman” enough to acknowledge when your efforts won’t get you to the finish.

So, yes I will not be running the Comrades in 2016, and I don’t feel kak about it either. If anything I feel relief! I have so much going on in my life right now, that attempting something that my heart is not in would just be madness!

All the best to those running Comrades in a few weeks!



2 thoughts on “2016 will not be MYCOMRADES year …

  1. deeksdaz

    I salute you for making a brave decision but stand by you and support it 100%…who knows you might feel otherwise next year or next month or never….you are right, do it for you!

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  2. Reneging of a major race

    I made a decision to skip a major race too (4 stage – 155kms – The Jock) after I suffered from a race (3 stage – 175kms – Kremetart) that was supposed to prepare me for the Jock. Overall, I performed better than my peers, some quit in the middle of the 175km race.

    But for me, it was almost missing stage 2 of the 4 stages. The gun went off around 9am as I passed the finish line, I was traumatised. So traumatised I passed strong cyclists on stage 3 and 4.

    Looking back, I made the right decision but I think I should aim for The Jock again. I am deciding right here and right now that I will race The Jock in July 2018.



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