Discovery’s new goals and Me!

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

If you’re a Discovery Medical Aid member and also on their Vitality programme there is a high chance that you’re also taking advantage of the discounts offered for using the gym. Now last year their launched the Vitality Active Rewards. If you actually used the gym after swiping your gym entry card, then you would be rewarded for your efforts. They kept track mostly through wearable devices. 

When you activated the programme, you would be allocated a points goal to reach on a weekly basis in order to be rewarded with a drink – coffee or juice or smoothie – from one of their partners Kauai or VidaeCaffé. Your goal target is based on your active life at the gym or outside, recorded on Discovery for your points towards your Vitality status.

When I joined for some reason, I was allocated straight off 1200 points! I was a tad not impressed as everyone around me had goals from 100 to 750 .. until they changed thing, I had not met one individual on par with me 😦 That aside, I did not find it hard to reach the goal.

Then Discovery introduced the team goal, basically you invite two to four mates also on Vitality to become part of your team and if two or more of them achieved their own weekly goals then you would be rewarded with an additional cuppa! YAY 🙂 You’re not competing with each other but you ARE encouraging everyone making your team to meet their weekly goals. Ideally then you want to have team members that meet their goals on a regular basis.

April 2, 2016 Discovery adjusted their Vitality Active Rewards programme here in South Africa. Everyone’s goals were reset to 300 points, and it seems that these points will increase based on you achieving your goals. Here’s the twist though, not only were your goals reset but the way you achieved your goals became a tad harder!

There was much uproar on SM when Discovery made this announcement in March. One of the perks of being part of the Vitality Active Rewards programme was that you could essentially workout towards a free Apple Watch, if you met your weekly goals on a monthly basis! Yep! That was super cool. I know a few mates that jumped on that bandwagon. Imagine the uproar when the announcement was made and it was clear it wasn’t going to be as easy to achieve your goals. You basically now have to work harder to get just half the points you received before for the same period of time.

I have found that I have to certainly put more effort in order to reach the heart rate range I have to be in, before I receive at least 300 points! Yep, I have to break some serious sweat! If I don’t then we’re looking at just 100 points. I’m basing these points achievements on my own gym attendance. Of course, if you participate in one of the recognised races then you may be allocated anything from 600 up to 1200 points for that effort! Times are tough with the depreciation of our currency, cost of living rising on a weekly basis so I’m not entering as many races as I used to. This basically means, I have to visit the gym much more frequently in order to achieve my weekly goals.

There was a second twist to all this from Discovery….How we monitored our heart rates was to change too. Until the change happened, many had invested on wearable devices that monitored our heart rates, our claimed distances etc. You could use many of the known brands for this such as Polar, Suunto and Tom Tom and through Strava or MapMyFitness it would sync with the Discovery platform. When Discovery reset the goals, they also removed these platforms for users to sync their workouts with them… until further notice basically. If you happen to have invested in an Apple watch, you’re fine!

Although there is .. or there was much murmur about the change and how it wasn’t so cool of Discovery to do this, these seem to have died down as people realise that it isn’t that much different I think?! Exception being that you have to put in a solid session at the gym, or really make serious effort to meet your 10,000 steps daily.

Personally I’ve been a Vitality fan for the longest time, ok for as long as we’ve been on the programme really! I’m the one that makes sure the family meets our target as quickly into the new year as we can. I’m also the one that introduces and tries to get my work colleagues to reach gold as quickly as possible… just not necessarily successfully 🙂

How am I achieving my weekly goals:

  • 60 minutes road running – heart rate 80% +
  • 30 – 40 minutes treadmill running – heart rate 80% +
  • 60 minutes in the pool – currently I manage about 3kms – heart rate 60-70%
  • 45 – 60 minutes spinning – heart rate 60-70%
  • Races – heart rate 80%+

With members aiming for the 80% + heart rate zone, Discovery may have super fit members soon!


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