What’s happening at the races …

Cradle of Humankind Race - sourced online

Cradle of Humankind Race – sourced online

It astounds me how quickly the days are passing us by. Seems like it was just the other day I was completing my first Olympic Distance Triathlon, my first 947 Cycle Challenge and now we are almost at the end of the first month of our second quarter!

Top of mind I thought I had not achieved much in the first 3 months of 2016, but I would have been wrong about that. On reflection …

  • January I ran my 2nd Dischem 21.1km
    • January I ran my very 1st full marathon a whole 42.2km and my Comrade qualifier – Johnson Crane Hire Marathon
    • February I ran Joburg’s toughest 21 – Pirates21K
    • February I was to run my 2nd marathon, but ended up running a half marathon – Vaal Marathon

For some reason I hit a real funk in March and did not do much in terms of running, swimming or cycling. The only real “achievement” was me accepting that Comrades 2016 was not happening for me!

First two weeks in April not much happened, accept me realising that life continued around me and no one could get me out of this funk I was in except me. This morning I took matters into my own hands to get me out of this “dark space” and back into the light of an active life.

How did I do it?

MiWay Wally Hayward 2016 Race - sourced online

MiWay Wally Hayward 2016 Race – sourced online

Next Wednesday the 27th April is a public holiday here in South Africa – Freedom Day! It’s also the same day that the Cradle of Humankind race is taking place out at the Matiki Wedding Venue. Last year hubby ran the 10km while J and I did the 5km fun run. This year, J and I will do the fun run once more and hubby the 21.1km run. Are you running it? This will be my first race in a while to get me back onto the road. From my Whats@pp running group I see that some of the others will be running the 10km as mileage towards their Comrades attempt later in May.

On the 2nd of May, I will be attempting the MiWay Wally Hayward 21.1km. Last year I had entered the race but for some reason never made it to the start. I can’t for the life of me recall why now. It’s a public holiday too, because Workers Day falls on a Sunday this year πŸ™‚ I’ve wanted to run this race since I started running long distances, so am really looking forward to it. This year it’s made extra special because my running club MiWay Warriors has sponsored my entry πŸ™‚

Adrienne Hersch Run - sourced online

Adrienne Hersch Run – sourced online

Then on the 8th of May it will be our second year entering the Adrienne Hersch race.

Last year I ran the 5km run with J, and hubby did the 10km run.

We both found the routes tough, except for J of course πŸ™‚ he was loving sitting in his pram and shouting out to me to run faster, but we would not expect anything less from the organisers with respect to the level of difficulty on the route.

This year, hubby will run the 5km with our J, while I will run the 10km on the 8th May. Eish!



Damn I was on a roll this morning!! So much so, that I’ve also entered hubby and I for the FNB Joburg 10K taking place on the 24th September!

I ran this 10K race when FNB launched it 2 years back. It was a beautiful race as it took us through our city’s amazing historical attractions.

There have been some changes to our city, with much investment into revitalizing it. Hence the route for this year, changed from when I last ran I am told, slightly. We will be starting off at the FNB Bank City, running through the streets of our CBD, passing historical sites, suburbs that have been revamped and finishing off at the Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newtown.

I didn’t enter it last year because I felt that the cost ofΒ R160 they were asking, was not really value for money for me, compared to many of the other races I’d entered last year. This year, they have brought in new sponsors, they are selling it as a new race too and the vibe around it just seems to be amazing! Cost is R160 and this time it includes a PUMA t-shirt, just on that I feel it is worth it πŸ™‚

If you haven’t yet entered the Joburg10K why not head on to their site and check it out for yourself!

Have you entered any races this quarter?