Race Review : Cradle of Humankind Race

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These are my thoughts on the race..

What did you get up to on Freedom day?

The family and I were up way before dawn, and made our way to the start of our second Cradle race. This year we were definitely better prepared. Last year I had thought we had entered, when actually it merely stayed a thought. I had forgotten to enter the race *hidesface* This year I made sure we entered and had the receipt with us just in case there were queries.. *youhavetobeprepared*

The race is hosted by the Krugersdorp Road Runners and held at the Makiti Wedding Venue out in the Cradle.

Distance : 32km, 21km, 10km and 5km Fun Run [Prams permitted 🙂 ]

Weather : Nippy which was expected for that time of the morning

Parking : The organisers sent out an SMS the day before informing the entrants they were expecting a full field so arrive early. We did, and had no challenges finding parking. Although, once we hit the road it was clear there were some late arrivals that had to park on the side of the road. Driving through to the race was uneventful, no traffic jam experienced.

Organization : Leading up to the race, I was impressed with the communication from the organisers. There was clear signage on the day too, directing motorists to the venue. At the venue too signage was available but could have been perhaps larger and so that it would be easily seen and perhaps more at eye-level leading up to the drop-off zone for tog bags and registration.

There were plenty of mobile toilets with long queues by the parking area, but the entrance to the toilets at the main building was congested because of the queues to the registration tables. Basically you could have thought you were in the toilet queue when you were actually queueing for numbers …

Seems the 32km was a last-minute idea? They had the same pin-me-up numbers as the 5km Fun Runners. Looked tacky!

The main race 32km, 21km and 10km was scheduled to start at 7am, but started at 7:09AM, which meant that the 5km was pushed back as well. It wasn’t clear what caused the delay. Perhaps the empty water tables we had seen driving in at 5am close to the start was the cause…

Our young man and I did the 5km Fun Run. He was super excited to sweat, yep he sees how hubby and I come home from a run with beads of sweat running down our faces and he wanted to experience it too. It was his first non-pram run and he was looking forward to it.

The cars parked on the side of the road I guess is normal, but having seen road closure signs coming to the event I didn’t expect to see bikes, maybe one or three with the leading runners for the main races. So wasn’t impressed when we had to not only dodge cars coming into the Cradle but also bikes on the route that was supposed to be for the Fun Run. Especially as this run was full of children, parents with babies in prams and unaccompanied minors!

Marshalling : The marshals along the road were amazing and on the ball leading to the race, as they were during the race.

Water Tables : It was a treat to have a water point at the 2.5km turn around point. Even if it seems unnecessary, for many that partaking in the 5km it was a welcomed relief. What wasn’t cool was having children running towards the many walkers and runners with hands full of water sachets even before they hit the water table. Trying to avoid cyclists and other walkers or runners these water sachets ended up on the dirty tarmac only for these kids to pick then up and hand them to the runners .. NOT AYOBA AT ALL!!

On the longer distances hubby mentioned that he arrived at the 18km water table just in time, as it seemed the team manning the table had started to pack up even before the 32km runners had completed the race. Hubby did the 21km.

It explains the apology on the Krugersdorp Runners page yesterday, which I appreciate. No denying or passing on the buck. You acknowledge your shortfall, let’s hope 2017 will be better organised. Perhaps have close entries once the closing date arrives so that you know how many runners to cater for. Alternatively, learn from this year and cater for more runners if you feel the need to allow runners to enter on the day.

I would like to apologise to each runner who didn’t receive water/coke at water points or a medal at the finish…

Medals : I’m pretty sure they were the same as last year’s. Very unfortunate for those that didn’t get one after the longer races.

If you’re going to use the same medals year on year, then there is no reason to run out of medals.

These are pretty cool.

Overall : On the 5km run it was fun. Great to see loads of friendly competition between parents running with their children, toddlers and babies in prams. No pushing or insulting. We will be back next year, as the race is close to home and it is held out in the countryside, giving families an opportunity to spend time outdoors. The race caters for all levels of fitness.

To the lady that just dropped her daughters with me without even asking .. you’re very brave to leave your 8 year olds with a stranger!


4 thoughts on “Race Review : Cradle of Humankind Race

  1. deeksdaz

    Definitely one of my favourite races on the calendar, I think we will be running it for years to come, well done Krugersdorp Athletics Club!


  2. Simon

    It would indeed be bad for the runners missing out on water but good to see the organisation owning up to their mistake.


    1. manii Post author

      I agree, we’ve had some races where organisers have opted to keep silent. This was refreshing 🙂


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