Race Review : MiWay Wally Hayward Marathon


Miway VIPThese are my thoughts on the race..

The family and I were up way before dawn, and made our way to the start of our first MiWay Wally Hayward Marathon. 2016 is also the first year that MiWay is the official sponsor of the Wally Hayward Marathon. It goes without saying that the field was all out cerise 🙂 

It was the 40th Wally Hayward Marathon! They hosted a field of 12k+/- road runners and held at the Hoërskool Zwartkop, a little more than a short drive from home. Although Monday, it being a public holiday it was the perfect start to the week.

Distance : 42.2km, 21.1km, 10km, 4.9km Fun Run and the 1km Kiddies Race

Weather : Nippy which was expected for that time of the morning. 7°C when we arrived at the venue this morning. As you can see from the photo above it was still pretty dark out there at 05h45AM.

13151744_10154587941353465_2376206067576214553_nParking : MiWay posted on their Race FB Page the day before, informing the entrants to arrive early. We did, and had no challenges finding parking – thank you MiWay Warriors for the VIP Parking 🙂 Post race there were many cars parked on the side of the road, which is pretty normal for races.

Organization : Registration on Saturday was a breeze, although bar codes I still managed to come home with the wrong race pack for a fellow runner. Yes I should have checked, but perhaps with the usage of technology it should have been picked up… Locating the venue was pretty easy, the map shared was extremely easy to follow. There was clear signage on the day too, directing motorists to the venue and parking.

There were plenty of mobile toilets within the venue for the public. At races I’ve come to find these are extremely important prior to the start!

The main races 42.2 km and 21.1km started promptly at 06h30am. The 10 km, 4.9 km and 1km starting in stages afterwards. It was thoughtful of the organisers to start the Kiddies race at 9 giving plenty of parents running the half marathon enough time to finish their race, pickup their child and go run another 1km with them!

Q at kiddies race

Kiddies 1km Race could have been a little better organised. For a race of a handful of parents with children, it felt more congested than the main races. The route left much to be desired. Perhaps next year the race can take place solely on the open sports field that was part of the race. Get the kids to run a loop of the field, finishing off under an arch and give them medals for goodness sake. They see their parents receiving one, guess what .. they also want one! The congestion and queuing today was unnecessary and could have been avoided if a little more thought was put into the kiddies race. They are just as important!

Marshalling : The marshals along the road were amazing and on the ball leading to the race, as they were during the race.

Water Tables : Water table were full of both cold drink, oranges and water. Readily available for the runners. The area wasn’t even congested. Plenty of room for runners not stopping to pass on by while those opting for water or other could do so with ease!

Throughout the 21km of the race there was plenty of hydration, well done organisers!

Medals : Bright gold medals for everyone finishing the races celebrating 40 years of the marathon’s existence!

Overall : An early start to our day, but totally worth it. The organisation was great. This is another race that will definitely be part of the 2017 Race Calendar. The MiWay cold spray arch at the 20km was a welcome relief.

Thank you for the spoils at the MiWay VIP area. It was a totally relaxing environment, then again most freebies are great 🙂