Kristian Fesel … my humble hero!!

Kristian Fesel

Kristian Fesel

Last year October I ran a series called Feature Friday. On the 9th October 2015 I featured this man, Kristian Fesel. For me he is a real life hero.

Pop on over here and read why.

This man went from the operating table, where the neurosurgeon removed a brain tumor in April 2015 to competing and finishing a few major races (Challenge Roth Triathlon and 947 Cycle Challenge) a couple of months later.

April this year (2016), almost a year to the day he was being operated on, he participated and finished his 12th Ironman! Come on that is admirable and just super inspiring!

The Modern Cyclist has also featured him in their May 2016 magazine. Head on over here, and catch up with his story…

‘I want to be the last man standing …(Kristian Fesel – Modern Cyclist)

Stay motivated! Be Inspired! Reach for those goals!