Keep active this weekend …

It’s the weekend!

You surely must agree that this past week flashed past?! It certainly feels that way for me. 

There are loads of activities taking place as usual on the fitness front out here in Gauteng. We’re very fortunate that way. I am sure there is something suitable for us all. I encourage you to get outdoors and enjoy that free vitamin D!

Although I’m running or swimming or cycling most weekend, it does seem, according to my Dr., that I’m not sitting out there long enough to receive the needed dosage for my body. Guess I will be having to spend more time rolling on the grass with our young man, socializing a little longer at the races – under the sun and not in shaded areas – to see if I can boost my vitamin D levels. Rickets or Osteomalacia are not diseases I’d like to welcome into my life, whilst still balancing my natural vitamin D (the sun is the ideal natural source) intake to avoid other diseases, like skin cancer.


Until now, I believed I’ve exposed mostly my face, arms and hands to the sun. More skin needs to be shared with the sun it seems, to optimize my intake levels. Take note that the fairer your skin tone is the shorter you actually need to be in the sun. I have dark skin tone, so will need longer exposure compared to hubby to boost my vitamin D production.

Note – these are my own views on the matter, please consult experts for more information on the subject.

Enough about that …

Adrienne Hersch Run - sourced online

Adrienne Hersch Run – sourced online

It’s the Adrienne Hersch Challenge this weekend. Hubby, son and I will all be participating. We took part in the first run last year, and are really looking forward to this year’s.

This Sunday the Randburg Harriers Running club will be hosting the race. The 21.1km and the 10km routes are new. Hubby did the 10km run last year, and as you can see from the picture above, our young man and I did the 5km Fun Run – loads of fun 🙂

Sunday is also Mother’s Day out here in South Africa, the organizers encourage the participants to bring on their families for a morning of Fun and Entertainment! If you haven’t entered yet, go here for more details.

I digressed with the vitamin D topic.

What other outdoor fitness stuff is happening out here in Gauteng ..? Tomorrow morning we’re heading off early again to our local Parkrun! If you’re keen on brisk walking or considering starting to run why don’t you try out the nearest Parkrun to you? Go here and see which one is closest to you.

miway triathlon series

Also happening on Sunday, MiWay will be hosting the Sun City Ultra Triathlon. It’s a new addition to the Midlands Ultra Triathlon Series. The distances are Half Ironman and Sprint, and promises to be both challenging and a rewarding experience.

Sun City is very family friendly, with loads of activities for everyone in the family. Here are a few of them for the children:

  • Entertainment Centre
  • Kamp Kwena
  • The Magic Company
  • The Maze of the Lost City
  • Animal World – the kids get to spend time with animals
  • Valley of Waves
  • Mini Golf
  • Mini Quad Biking
  • Kwena Gardens
  • Stimela Train

You see, loads for you to select from and do this weekend!

Take your pick and just have FUN! FUN! FUN! If you have to travel to the destination of your activity, please be safe on the roads.



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