Race Review : Adrienne Hersch Challenge


Post Race

Post Race

These are my thoughts on the race..

Is it possible that one can forget to run a distance? After today’s run, I’m convinced it is!

I’m definitely trying to understand what happened. Last week I ran a good 21.1km and really enjoyed every step, exception being the last uphill km into the stadium. Going over my race today, another probable reason my race fell apart could be because I went off too fast in the first half and burnt out too soon? I don’t believe I allowed my legs to warmup before increasing my pace. One thing is for sure, I need to stick to my strategy from the MiWay Wally Marathon and implement it across all my races regardless of distance, and train more 🙂

Running mates

Distance : 21km, 10km and 5km Fun Run – I believe there was a Nappy Dash too

Weather : It was brilliant. Overcast and warm at the start but chilled down at the end.

Parking : There was plenty of secure parking close to the start  and around the race festivities.

Organisation : Randburg Harriers were the organising running club. There was plenty of noise leading up to the 2nd Adrienne Hersch race. Numbers collection was uneventful, we went on Saturday. There were no queues which was great.

From the parking area there wasn’t much signage informing the runners where the start was. I’ve had this before at some other races, it is almost like the organisers assume everyone will enter the race venue from the same direction .. not. Unless I missed it, but going from the number of people asking us which way the start was … I’m just saying!

The routes for the 10km and 21.1km was new and although the profile, when hubby and I looked at it, we didn’t find daunting, it was a little tough. From 3km all the way through to 8km I found I was crawling up those “leisure” hills. I read somewhere recently that we don’t appreciate hills until you have to run it .. it’s true.

Marshalling : The marshals along the road were amazing throughout the race.

Water Tables : Perhaps I’ve been spoilt by all the other races, where water tables are setup either every 2.5km or at the max 3km. Today, the tables were every 4.3km. I know it was overcast, but if we have an industry norm, then we should stick to it. Just saying

Caroline Wöstmann - my paparazzi effort at the finish line of the Adrienne Hersch 21.1km Race

Caroline Wöstmann – my paparazzi effort at the finish line of the Adrienne Hersch 21.1km Race

I know that Randburg Harriers uses this same thinking when they have their own club runs. I’m not sure if I missed the announcement on that one. I do think it makes a difference. Rather stick to what is working….?

There was plenty of water, energy sachets as well as Creme Soda along the route, 2 water points for the 10km, I’m not sure if 2 more were setup for the 21.1km route. Normally the 10km has 3 water points.

Medals : There were plenty of medals to go round. The T-shirts that came with it was a brilliant idea.

Overall : Great that we didn’t have to be up before the crow for a change. 7am start was much appreciated. The route although “easy” gave us a great run for our medals. Organisation at the finish area was improved compared to 2015, the first time the race was held.

Loads of space for runners and their families to move around freely. Queues at the stalls moved quickly too. Perhaps the cold had something to do with it and runners left faster than last year .. This one is going into my 2017 Race Calendar!