What I learnt from Sunday’s run ..

Following my 10km run at the Adrienne Hersch this past weekend, I have sat back, lay down and would have stood on my head if it helped me understand what happened during the run. 

I found these tips answered my question, hope they empower you for your next run too. Besides falling flat during my run on Sunday, I am also finding that my speed isn’t up to scratch.

  • use the first few km to warm your legs up
  • start your race slow and finish hard, conserve your energy
  • go for in the week runs, gradually increase the distance
  • go for at least one long run a week – I need to do this more
  • do take those walk breaks, they do help your running – remember Caroline Wöstmann did during 2015 Comrades Ultra Marathon and she won it!
  • take some race food with you during the long runs.. if it’s your thing. If it’s new, then use the long run training to test how it makes you feel using the different products. My last 21km I ran solely on water and coke, but mostly water. The coke I drank twice when I felt my body needed the sugar.
  • if you train on the treadmill, try to have an incline of at least 1%
  • be patient – endurance doesn’t happen overnight
  • put in some weight exercises – hubby has been singing this song for the longest time. It helps develop strength required for the long distances
  • if you’ve put in the training, stick to that race strategy
  • do not attempt new routines, products on race day
  • visualise the race – from getting up to crossing the finishing mat
  • be ready, the day before making sure you have all the gear you will need – clothing, shoes …
  • don’t be eating any hot(chilli) or too oily food that may not agree with you. I find that the nerves hit me first thing in the morning before a major race or new distance. Get it all out before you leave the house.
  • spread some anti-chafing cream everywhere – thighs, nipples, underarms. a mate of mine ran a marathon recently and finished with his nipples dripping with blood and running shirt stained.
  • try to rest, wake up at least two hours before race start so that you eat right e.g. Oats and coffee long before the start. Don’t be eating 30 minutes before the start, you’re setting yourself up to hurt. Stay away from dairy products on race morning.
  • rest after the long run and allow your body to recover


sources: http://www.runnersworld.co.za and http://womensrunning.competitor.com

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