Discovery app and their illogical point’s allocation …

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Almost a month back I blogged about the Discovery’s revision of their Vitality Active Rewards Programme. Didn’t you read it? Shame on  you 🙂 pop on over here so that you can catch up.

A month since the changes were implemented I thought I’d give you some insights into my own experiences with the programme since then.

  1. Call Centre staff don’t have all the answers
  2. If you run a 5km route and keep your HR at 80% or more you will  should get 300 pts for your effort. I recently had an exchange of words with Discovery Call Centre staff about this because on the 10th April I did a 40-minute treadmill run at HR 80% at the gym and was allocated 300 pts. On the 25th April, I ran 5km in just over 30-minutes and my HR was over 80%, all I received was 100 pts. How could this be? Had I misread their communication? I queried it. Initially, their Call Centre consultant tried to brush my query off. After a few exchange via Twitter and email, I was finally allocated the correct 300 pts for my workout on the 25th April.
  3. Lesson learnt from the above (point 2) experience, if you’re using the Apple watch to monitor your workout and HR, remove your watch after the workout. Keeping your watch on is what I believe caused the problem as it continues to record your HR and activity post run .
  4. Another change that Discovery has made to the programme is that you can’t load an Outdoor Activity like we could before. They have a list of events that they automatically apparently allocate points to you if you happen to take part in one.
  5. Discovery only recognises times shared by ROAG, Racetec, Racectime and ESC as they time the events listed on their race calendar. This basically means that if the race you’re entering is not timed by them or you’re not using a HR and watch to time yourself, you’re likely to only get 100pts for your efforts… another lesson learnt!
  6. Events timed by other sources, I tweeted Discovery to find out how I would go about claiming my full points (600) for running a 10km race, vs. the 100 pts that their system allocated me because my Suunto HR monitor could not pickup my HR during the run. I have my race number, my official result SMS and the Movescount screenshots proving I ran the distance. Discovery’s response ” As the race is not on their calendar and was timed by a non-partner, as per rules implemented on the 2nd April 2016, all I get are the 100 points ..”
    • personally, this response makes no sense
    • penny drops why everyone was making noise about it
    • everyone that’s on Vitality but has no HR/watch that monitors HR/Pace etc .. sorry for you
  7. For an easy 300 pts, go walk/run the nearest Parkrun to you – no watch required nor distance verified – on a Saturday morning (it is timed by the Parkrun officials). This part I find laughable because you can walk (or not), 5kms without a watch and get 300 pts without any effort, but run 10km, without a watch/HR monitor, with official proof you ran it ..And all you get is 100pts .. makes loads of sense Discovery! I hope this is one of the items you’re looking at improving.

I find it even more ludicrous, as many have pointed out before, that I would have saved myself some soreness on Monday had I just gone into the local gym and swiped my card .. 100 easy points right there no workout required, no vigorous HR needed either. Who actually approved this revision at Discovery? They were clearly only concerned about the HR discrepancies. 

Yes I do appreciate the free drinks, we all love freebies. Just level the playing field Discovery!

    Stay Active!


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