Kallie’s tips with 9 days before Comrades

9 Days to go ...

9 Days to go …

It’s just over  a week before a few of my friends and many more other runners venture out onto the streets of Pietermaritzburg to run the Comrades.

If you’re one of the many runners, I’m sure you’ve put in the mileage and are now anxiously awaiting the trip down next week.

Kristian posted Kallie Burger FB post where Kallie recently addressed all the Comrades Runners taking part in 2016 down run and shared some tips. I’ve posted them on here too in case you could benefit from them… I’m told he is a very reliable source 🙂

Below extracted from his entry with a touch of me here and there …

  • Stop greeting people with your hand say hello and that it, germs are everywhere (this was my favourite 🙂 
  • Don’t do anything stupid, where your raining and diet is concerned. You have done the work, don’t try anything (new) that could potentially stuff up all your hard work. 
  • Dont change shoes and socks, we all love new things .. leave it for after Comrades
  • Cut your toe nails short now! No fancy trimmings, again leave the art for after, and just for sanity make sure they are still short before the run
  • Rest loads, make sure you’re sleeping as much as possible
  • Double check Comrades entry, Championship Chip etc, make sure it’s all in order and you have everything that’s needed for you to register next week and make the start

Lastly, do your best not to over think things. At the end of the day, it’s another race and the only way to get to Durban is to run .. ok there may be some walking if no one is looking 🙂 You going to have pain, lots of it, bad thoughts, question yourself about why you entered the stupid to run, and everything else that comes with this amazing race. Just back your training, believe in your ability and PRAY! Yep pray a lot during the run down 🙂 

Good luck for the last 9 days, stay healthy!

Safe travels making your way down to KZN!



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