Shoo .. I just survived … just … Comrades!

Were you sitting on the edge of your seat the whole of yesterday(Sunday), screaming at the screen as if the runners could hear you like I was? No? Was that just me? Oh dear .. ok 🙂

Hubby left me alone for most of yesterday. Coming to check if I was alive every hour or so, or sending our son to check on me. I could not leave the screen. I wanted to take every minute of the run and digest every step the runners were taking.

I learnt plenty from yesterday’s run.

I learnt that even the pro runners cramp! Yep, for some reason I thought it something for us amateurs only. Not!

Here are some of my highlights of the 2016 Comrades…

David Gatebe proved that if you work hard you can achieve anything you set your heart on. Congrats on an amazing inspirational win dude! As the commentators mentioned, he ran 18 5km in 16 minutes (or thereabouts) .. DUDE! I can’t even run 1 in under 25 minutes! Just WOW!!!

Caroline Wöstmann what an awesome second place! I was cheering her on from the edge of my seat. As Charné Bosman (Women’s Comrades Winner 2016) started to catch up to Caroline with only 5km to go, it was clear she was in serious pain, but she pushed on. Caroline didn’t give up! When she had the incident with the motorbikes, she didn’t for a second allow it to distract her from her goal, reaching the finish line. Caroline pushed on. She ran, walked, but she did not give up! As she entered the stadium, she continued to pushed on .. at one point Caroline turned her head to, I assume, see if there was potentially someone to take the second place from her .. there wasn’t anyone yet. Caroline finally crossed the line, looked for and congratulated Charné before collapsing from I’m sure the pain and exhaustion. It was super, super inspirational watching Caroliine.

Sandra, a friend from my high school days ran her 7th Comrades. This time she was “alone”, normally she runs with her brother Stanley. As I kept watch on the Ultimate Live app, at first it seemed that she was going for a similar time to earlier years. I don’t know what happened, but when I checked closer to the end she had motored and was heading for a new PB. Sandra totally nailed it and recorded a totally new PB!! Super proud friend!

Thelma, I featured her here , I have a sneaky feeling she motors faster up hills or the up run. Her pace seemed slower compared to last year, the up run, but she once more maintained a super fast steady pace throughout yesterday, caught up to Harry her running partner and who had been seeded ahead of her. Harry, by the way, ​was running his 10th Comrades, and for his green number! Well done guys, you just keep inspiring.

Daniel, from Friday Feature, ran his first Comrades. He has had a super year ticking items off his bucket list. He says that he had a fall at the 29km, although he had a sore leg from the fall he continued running. All the way to the finish line he pushed. He isn’t totally thrilled with his time, but I am super happy that he managed to finish the Comrades within the allotted time.

Mo(Tlhalefang), wow dude! You tackled Two Oceans Ultra for the first time this year(2016). You said it took everything from you but you finished it. I let you know that I wasn’t running Comrades 2016, with maybe a little blink, you picked up my entry and your focus changed to finishing Comrades. I kept track of you and you ran​ it like the Pro that you’re becoming! Your first Comrades in 10:09! Come on, that’s impressive! I am sure that you’re paying for it today, but you have inspired me my friend! Just not sure if it was enough to get me to run Comrades 🙂

My heart got really sore the last 5 minutes. I literally had tears in my eyes and was sobbing like I had lost my pup. Watching runners that had endured almost 12 hours of running, but collapsing meters away from the finish line, with nothing else left in them to get them across the line. I understand that runners are not permitted to have assistance when crossing the finish line.

How heartsore is this for runners having run all 89+kms only to miss out on being recognised with a Comrades medal by a second? Kudos​ to you, though, you didn’t give up.

Those last 10 seconds of utter drama #comradesmarathon

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BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! to each and every Comrades runner yesterday. Some of whom achieved their dreams, while others were not as fortunate. There’s 2017 to look forward to!




7 thoughts on “Shoo .. I just survived … just … Comrades!

  1. ChevsLife

    . . . what will inspire most is that those runners who collapsed meters before the finish line will be back in 2017 to try again!


    1. manii Post author

      I hope so, it was just too sore watching them. You could see that there was nothing left in their legs. They say that’s when the mind kicks in and gets you to the finish .. Eish .. I don’t know, but like you say it is inspiring.. For some 🙃


  2. Tlhalefang

    first I read this one, ahhh ELK,,, My eyes just got a little teary reading everyone’s story. that David guy comes from Mars dude. I do want the price money, so I guess I’m booking my 1st flight out to get whatever he’s on. hehehehe.
    I totally missed the cut-off time because I was in my “recovery world”, I was just leaving the stadium at the time, however,,, I saw a few athletes still outside the stadium walking and some of them still running (can you believe it?) to the finish. That really touched my already broken body and I stood up and joined my parents in shouting and cheering them on. yes, @Deeksdaz, you totally dragging my friend to ’17 race. and we all seeding “A”. (Hides)…


    1. manii Post author

      LOL LOL you full of jokes Mo 🙂 but super proud of you and what you’ve achieved in less than 6 months this year!


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