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Race Review : Northgate 10km


IMG_3406These are my thoughts on the race..

Man was this morning a cold start … from home πŸ™‚ I think at one point it was 4 degrees celsius.

Fortunately by the time we arrived at Northgate Mall it did not feel too cold but much warmer. Actually if I compare it to the first time we attended the race, where only hubby ran it was freaking freezing!

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Day 1 – Darren’s journey to his first triathlon

Day 1 of Darren's journey to his first triathlon

Day 1 of Darren’s journey to his first triathlon

Finally after loads of chatter about triathlon, me finishing my first one, it seems hubby is finally ready to tackle his first one. YAY! Continue reading

Ready to get back on the road…some diet pointers?

Tomorrow I attempt my come back to road running. I entered the Northgate 10km road run out in the west of Joburg.

Have been meaning to run this race for three years now, but there’s Continue reading

Is it too cold to workout or is it laziness …

A year ago my journey to my first Triathlon began. I was pumped! I was eager! I was super ready to give this trip my all.

I was up before the sun, either hitting the road for a 5km run or in the pool (gym pools are kinda warm after a few laps) swimming between two and Continue reading

Tlhalefang shares his first Comrade experience ..


Tlhalefang went from sofa to fitness fanatic which was inspiring. That was not enough, this year he took up running as well.

Us “normal” folk would have started with a 5km walk and increased it gradually towards a 10km and maybe a 21.1km in our first year. Not this man. He skipped all the smaller distances Continue reading