Is it too cold to workout or is it laziness …

A year ago my journey to my first Triathlon began. I was pumped! I was eager! I was super ready to give this trip my all.

I was up before the sun, either hitting the road for a 5km run or in the pool (gym pools are kinda warm after a few laps) swimming between two and three kilometres. On the weekends I cycling the Cradle with a group of more competent cyclist.

All the active workouts were not only getting me fit and ready for my triathlon last November but as per my doctor’s recommendation, it was helping me rid of my stomach ulcers. How? It distracted me, my mind from what was stressing me then. It actually worked. The ulcers are gone and I finished my first triathlon.

This year, man I don’t know what’s happening! I’m not feeling any motivation to do anything. I haven’t been to the gym in ages, and to be honest I can’t even tell you if it will happen…


For starters, I find that running, even if I don’t train it’s a discipline I can kinda pick up from where I left off . I won’t be going off hard or running after a new PB, that would just be looking for trouble. I will be taking it easy and building up slowly to the fitness levels I was at late last year.

It is cold out there in the early mornings and early evenings, we are at the start of our winter season after all. This means dressing slightly warmer that usual. Dress too warm and you could overheat your body and end up feeling dizzy. I know that I will warm up after the first km, and start feeling a little too hot if I dress my torso too warmly and really don’t enjoy running while holding too much. I do suggest, though, because of the poor light in winter, to wear clothing that is easy to spot by motorists.

When you’re not running, or if you missed the opportunity because of work or just didn’t get up on time, hit the gym or local pool for an easy swim.

Take it easy the first day, perhaps an easy 600 to 1000m. Allow your body to get used to it again.

Follow that routine for a week or two, gradually increasing your distance. The open water events and triathlons will only really being in the summer months when it is much warmer. Swimming in winter in the warm pool at the gym will keep you fit and ready to tackle the mile qualifying swims for the Midmar Mile in Summer.

The Cradle at this time of the year is normally pretty quiet because everyone is staying home in their warm beds. Take this opportunity to get used to your bike again and perhaps find out how you can improve your cycling, like checking how to improve your bike setup, your posture, and again start with a 30 – 40km cycle and build it up to the longer distance.

I know in my case not doing any form of physical activity is actually pure laziness. What’s yours? Check out Men’s Fitness for more on how to not slack off this winter.

Start slow and gradually build your distances.



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  1. brian

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