Day 1 – Darren’s journey to his first triathlon

Day 1 of Darren's journey to his first triathlon

Day 1 of Darren’s journey to his first triathlon

Finally after loads of chatter about triathlon, me finishing my first one, it seems hubby is finally ready to tackle his first one. YAY!

He has no challenge where the other two disciplines are concerned. Cycling and running are his “thing” , so the challenge there will only come in when we have to introduce bricks to his training.

Today he hit the pool for the first time in a very long time doing laps. Altogether he swam about 800m.

200m easy and I mean easy warmup

200m kicking only as an introduction, let’s just say I am extremely certain there was plenty of swearing as he swam away from me and back 🙂

200m with the buoy to get his arms used to the new motion. I am sure they haven’t swum in a long time, it was also an opportunity for hubby to get his stretch, his hands and breathing right.

200m easy swim to warm down doing his best to implement all his learnings from the first training session.

It was an interesting time at the pool, and I am sure it will only be a short while before he has found his comfort.

So, looking forward to this journey!



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