Race Review : Pirates 10km


These are my thoughts on the race…

Man, was this morning a cold start … it didn’t feel as cold as last weekend’s race .. but it was cold. Just so you have an idea, I finished the 10kms and still did not feel like I’d warmed up!

Hubby once more dropped me off, this year I must have been one of the early ones to arrive. Plenty of parking when I got to the start. Bonus, no queues …ok no long queues for the toilets. Lesson to those using the loo and to avoid embarrassment, make sure you lock if you’re using it. You have no one but yourself to blame if you’re exposed .. as was the case this morning. Still, laugh at the thought.

In comparison to last week’s run, I battled today. There were loads of hills, but I’m not afraid of them. The race was tough, but my legs just did not want to come to the party and warm up. Oddly I found today tougher compared to when I ran it last year. Part of my battle goes back to a lack of training. I need to get my finger out me arse and make a little more effort to get myself back to where I was this time last year.

Distance : 10km and 5km Fun Run, 10km Walk, and a 1.6km obstacle course for charity

Weather : Beautiful blue sky, but it was freaking cold. I don’t recall last year being so cold

Parking : There was plenty of secure parking close to the start  and around the race festivities.

Organisation : Pirates Road Running were the organising running club. This is one of those races I’ve come to know as an annual in the Gauteng Road Running calendar. Number collection and the start was at the club house. As usual, it was seamless, with an opportunity to pause and visit the market they have going. When collecting my 21km number, I made the mistake of taking our little boy with. Mistake because they had a jumping castle and were charging R30 to jump on it. It was the first time I’ve ever heard of a charge for the jumping castle.

This year SlowMag was the sponsor. For some reason they did not sponsor the Boksburg 15km race this year, I was disappointed, but was thrilled when I learnt they were sponsoring Pirates 10km.

Parking seemed to be a plenty. If you arrived early you would have still found some inside the Pirates Tennis parking lot.

Marshalling : The marshals along the road were amazing throughout the race.

Water Tables : Plenty of water and coke at all the tables when I passed them. I assume because of the cold there were two water points but with loads of water and coke to go around.

Medals : Pirate medals are one of the most original ones in the region.

Overall : Entries were online and on the day of numbers collection. Both seamless.

8am start was brilliant although it was still very cold.

Totally like the timing chips used by Pirates 10km. 

I believe that I’ve entered a previous race with a similar kind of chip. Fits easily between your laces isn’t on the way while you run. The best part is that not even 10 minutes after I’d finished my run, I received a text confirming my finish time.  I know that his is a new Discovery requirement in order for Vitality members to receive full points for the races, so hope more race clubs organizing runs consider these guys to time their races.

Pirates SlowMag also had an obstacle race for those still with energy. Although for a cause, I just had nothing left in me to run anymore. Maybe next year.

This was year two I have run the Pirates 10km , definitely  going into my 2017 Race Calendar!



3 thoughts on “Race Review : Pirates 10km

  1. deeksdaz

    Well done E! You just need to get on the road a little more, you have definitely eased off all the training so starting this week we need to change that…Comrades next year isn’t going to run itself!


    1. manii Post author

      Yep have not been in the best headspace to put in the mileage required for the long distances. Still not sure Comrades is my calling ….


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