Keep running this winter …

Winter Training

Winter Training

It’s freaking cold and unless you’re like ultra serious, getting out of bed in the mornings just doesn’t seem like an option. Putting it off until after work … well it’s much of a muchness isn’t it. The chance of you hitting the gym in the cold is just as unlikely.

This past weekend I ran my second Pirates 10km. It didn’t feel as cold as the start last year, yet it was cold. I ran the 10km and didn’t break sweat once, to make matters worse, my legs normally warm up in the first 3km … it. did. not. happen. on Sunday. 

I’ve actually been doing zip training since May, nada, and haven’t felt like it either.

It can’t happen for much longer though. I need to get my legs fit again. I need to get fit again. I’m considering participating in a few events later this year, and now, yes now in this mad cold I need to refocus and train.

In my attempt to kickstart the training I came across these Runners World workouts that are supposed to be great to maintain your running fitness this winter. Firstly forget about the distance thing, to start looking at running for time.

  1. 20/30 minutes continuous  running at a comfortable pace
  2. break your run into parts, e.g. 10 minutes easy in between 2x 10 minutes up tempo run
  3. start with a real easy pace for 10 minutes,
    • run 5 minutes at a slightly faster pace
    • recover for a minute with easy jog
      • run 3 minutes at an even faster pace
      • recover for a minute with easy jog
        • run 2 minutes at an even faster pace than the past period
        • recover for a minute with easy jog
          • run 1 minute giving it your all
          • recover for a minute with easy jog
  4. enter 5km and 10km races use them as an opportunity to test your running tempos, alternatively you can always go for solo or group runs covering these same distances through your neighbourhood

me working out

There aren’t many long distance races in Gauteng over winter, so a great time to enter all the shorter distance races being hosted.

Here are a few races taking place in July, most are out Gauteng North though…

9th July Garsfontein Ice Breaker

16th July AfriForum Springbok Vasbyt

23rd July A4A Run to Freedom

30th July Zwartkop Road Race

Happy running!



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