Swim through winter…

Winter Swimming

The thought of swimming in winter is just not appealing at all, more especially to people like me that swim for the fun and not as a career.

I find it so much easier to sleep in or keep warm under my warm blanket, when compared to getting out of bed on a cold winter morning, putting on my swimming trunks, and hitting the road in the cold while making my way to the local swimming pool.

Why would you want to swim in winter anyway, wait for summer?

If you’re into triathlon, you can’t really wait for warmer days to start your training. It’s during winter that you will keep up your fitness levels. As soon as it becomes warmer it’s triathlon season and you’re entering the races. There’s no way you will be ready for great times if you wait for the warmer days.

With a wetsuit you will be able to hit some of the open water venues, but for many this isn’t an option. The local gym or public swimming pools is the way to go. Fortunately the gym pools are set to a slightly warmer temperature, somehow I doubt this will be the case with the public pools.

Now when you get to the pool, do not sit around waiting for better days. Get into the water as soon as you’ve put down your stuff and put in the mileage for the day. If you can, why don’t you recruit one of your swimming mates to join you in the pool. It’s hard enough swimming in winter let alone on your own. In my case, as hubby has started his triathlon journey with swim sessions … I will be joining him in the pool.  When you’re done hit the showers so that you get yourself warmed up as quickly as possible.

If swimming isn’t for you though, why don’t you try running?



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