Race Review : Steyn City Family Fun Run


Steyn City Fun RunThese are my thoughts on the race..

A week late on this review, as I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write one.

I entered this race when it first appeared on FB, but after a week or so later I got a notice that it wasn’t happening anymore via FB, but the entry page said nothing of it being cancelled.

It was only the day before the race that I finally saw that the page I had liked with the race info had for some reason been deleted and a new one created.

Fortunately nothing had changed.

Distance : 6.6km a combination of trail and road

Weather : It was brilliant, beautiful blue sky and morning

Parking : There was plenty of secure parking close to the start.

Organisation : Trail Adventure were the organizers. I had opted in for the VIP card that is supposed to benefit me going forward, sadly weeks after entering and having paid for the card upon registration there was no card.

Steyn City Fun RunWe had been forewarned to send ID numbers of everyone that was attending for entrance into the Estate. On arrival security checked for our name and ID before we were allowed in.

Marshalling : The marshals were helpful along the route.

Water Tables : Had it been a true Trail race only I guess the water setup was relevant. However, we were informed on the day that it wasn’t a trail run in the true sense. There was a water table at the registration area. Another water point at the 2.5km and that was it.

Steyn City Fun RunMedals : There were plenty of medals to go round.

Overall : Great that we didn’t have to be up before the crow for a change. 9am start was much appreciated. The route as I’ve mentioned was a bit of a mix, pavement, off-road and a little tar.

Loads of space for runners and their families to move around freely. All the kids thoroughly enjoyed the jungle gyms for them to use up their energies.

The downside, although we arrived after 8am for registration, only the registration table was open. We were being encouraged to get coffee or something warm before the start, but we could not buy any of it. Power wasn’t available for the stalls and the coffee shop didn’t have any coffee ready for sales. Hmmm….

When I think Steyn City or anything associated with it, I think it’s going to be well-funded. I was a little disappointed that although they had a drink I’d not seen before, #TranQuini, for all finishers, the water table literally only had water! No coke or even some of this #TranQuini drink. Upon reflection, from what I’ve heard about trail running, the setup was typical of a trail event where you as the entrant needs to make sure you carry your own refreshments and nourishment..but it wasn’t a trail run per se.

Until this race I’d never heard of #TranQuini. It is suppose to have you chillax! Basically relax and see the best life offers you. I will say it has a decent taste, no medicinal aftertaste like some of these new drinks being sold. You can read more about it here. It was launched April 2015 and sold in Switzerland for the first time to help people feel their flow. Today the can is sold in 24 country and expanding its reach. Tranquini Original is what I tasted and enjoyed, I see that they recently launched a new flavour Tranquini Jade.  I’ve not seen it at my local grocer yet, to try out the new flavour.