Race Review : Wanderers 10Km Run

Wanderers 10km RaceThese are my thoughts on the race…

I don’t recall this race being so much fun last year! Really looking forward to 2017 and doing the race again.

Who knows I may venture and do the 21.1km next year …

Distance : 21.1km, 10km, 5km

Wanderers 10km RunWeather : It was brilliant, beautiful blue sky and morning, the sun was out and kept us warm while we waited for the start gun. Throughout the run, it was pleasant weather, neither too cold nor too hot.

Parking : There was plenty of parking around the Wanderers club, close enough to the start to warm our legs up before the run started.

Wanderers 10km RunOrganisation : Wanderers Athletics Club were the organisers. It was extremely well organised from number collection on Friday right to the race itself on Sunday. The stalls were well spread out on the field nicely, that one didn’t feel overwhelmed by the crowd.

Marshalling : The marshals were helpful along the route, and it was great to see them all smiling.

Water Tables : Plenty of water and coke at the watering tables when I ran past.

Medals : There were plenty of medals to go around. I noticed they have gotten clever and don’t put the year on the medals, if not all the medals are used up, they just need to top up next year!

Wanderers 10km RunOverall : A slow start as one expects at the races. Loads of runners. Usually after about 3-5kms the field spreads. It wasn’t the case at Wanderers race, we were bunched up through the first 10km. It was only into the start of the second half of the 21,1km that you begun to see the normal sporadic spread of runners on the road.

The 21km and 10km runners started together and ran most of the route together all the way to just before the stretch to the finish line. At this point, the 21.1km runners continued on and the 10 and 5km runners turned left towards the finish fields.

Overall I loved the route. It was extremely well-balanced. Enough hills and down runs. There were a few challenging hills but those just tested you. My time was not as awesome as my sub60 of 2015, but it was definitely better than last weekends run.

I can feel that I’m starting to get there. My fitness is starting to return. This weekend I started swimming as well. I entered the #DischemSwim late October so I am really looking forward to getting my fitness back.

Lesson learnt, if you can help it,





Keep running. Keep walking. Keep swimming. Getting back your fitness after about 3 months break of no form of exercise is NOT recommended.

Definitely, one I will be running again next year.



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