Race Review : FNB Joburg 10Km Run



These are my thoughts on the race..

For the first time this year hubby and I entered a race together… however he was on a Sub60 mission while all I wanted was to finish the darn race.

Parking was limited and we were not keen to park on the streets out in city centre, so we left home by 6am and seriously secured ourselves decent parking within walking distance from both the start and the end of the race.

If I’m not mistaken this race started back in 2014, last year I didn’t run. I didn’t like the medal. This year the race had a host of new sponsors, so we decided to give it a go.

Distance : 10km

#Joburg10kWeather : The weather was cool at the start of the race, mostly I believe from all the tall buildings providing shade at the starting pens. As we hit the city centre it warmed up plenty. I found myself having to spray myself with water to stay refreshed and hydrated.

Parking : There were a few undercover parking points, and the rest was out in the streets of the city centre. All at your own risk. We were initially going to take the Gautrain into the city, then walk to the start. For R50 we opted for the undercover parking, which was a great decision.

#Joburg10kOrganisation : Zonkizizwe Athletics Club were the organisers. Mostly it was well organised, there were some challenges at the race number collection with the T-Shirts that should have been better managed and part of the route was … well let’s say that they should have stayed with the original race route of 2014.

Marshalling : The marshals were helpful along the route.

Water Tables : Plenty of water and coke at the watering tables when I ran past, with a beautiful vibe going. The live bands as we approached the water points was a beautiful touch!

#Joburg10kMedals : There were plenty of medals to go around. New shape and different from the usual round medals every other race tends to go with.

Overall : Number collection was mostly fine. Challenge came in with the t-shirts. Wrong sizes were issued. Now if we had not given our shirt and said whether we were male or female when we entered the race, I could forgive the organizers for the mishap. Reality though is that we had. So why the confusion?

I entered for hubby and I. Two men, size large. We got two t-shirts, both large, but I’m one for a female and one for a male! Checking the races FB Page, we were not the only ones that had fallen prey to this mishap. Suggestion by the organisers for runners to swap among ourselves was in poor taste. They should have managed their registration and t-shirt order more efficiently, as was the case in 2014.


Swop Shop

The other small challenge was in the route between the Johannesburg Stadium, past Joubert Park all the way to Rissik. Although there plenty of Road Closure notices, and marshalls assisting with traffic, runners that to be alert so that we were not knocked down by a vehicle. At one point everyone around me was jumping onto the pavement as the road was full of cars ahead of us. Marshalls were exchanging not so calm words with the taxi drivers at these intersections, let’s just say that no one looked happy.

The rest of the race was pretty smooth running 🙂 and we got to see beautiful sights I’ve not seen in years.

The route gave us a bit of everything, uphill, flats and downhills. I hope that they go back to the old route or try to find a new route. One that doesn’t have runners and citizens going by their daily routines, fighting for the same space of road.

Maybe… one I will be running again next year.



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  1. deeksdaz

    Agree E, not a bad race at all. Despite the minor t-shirt chalenges, the taxis on the route and the unbearable stench along certain stretches, it was a super 10k race…as always an absolute pleasure sharing the experience with you!


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