Race Review : Dischem Swim

Sun City Dischem SwimThese are my thoughts on the race…

This past weekend I participated in the annual Dischem Swim at Sun City.

I meant to enter it last year but left it for too late and did not get to enter it. This year I made sure I was entered almost on the day the entries opened just to make sure I would be swimming.

Distance : 1.5km, 690m

Weather : Sunny, perfect water weather

Parking : Plenty of secure parking

Organisation : In Motion Africa were the organisers of this swim series. Arriving for the first time, I admit a felt a little lost trying to find the Registration tent, once there it wasn’t clear where I had to go as my number didn’t fall into any of the categories on display. The swim was well supported in terms of swimmers and support staff at the start, in the water and at the finish.

Marshalling : Plenty of support in the water. At one point we were stopped so that the boats could reach a swimmer needing attention.

Sun City Dischem SwimMedals : Plenty of medals for all finishers, one size fits all it seems based on the two I received for the 1500m and the 690m swims.

Overall : Great event and certainly one that is well supported by the long distance swimmers. It was fantastic to see the fun swim being so well supported, plenty of novices. Awesome sight, seeing so many orange floats swimmers were using to support them during the swim.

Having MiWay Life proving some insurance for all participating swimmers during the event was a beautiful gesture by MiWay!

My only down was the lack of clear signage, so that regardless of whether you’re new to the event or arrive late it is clear where the registration process begins.

I had fun and will be back in 2017!

Now we focus on the Marathon Swim Series, Xtreme Swim Series and the Cradle Moon Swim Challenge in preparation for the Midmar Mile in Feb 2017.